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Why do I do this?  Part of the reason is that I’m a big believer in the democracy of capitalism – of people voting with their dollars.  Of course, the key to every good vote is a well-informed populace, so in some small way I do my best to help you make the best choice.

Why bring this up? (other than my local station screwed up Supernatural tonight)

Because the always awesome Furious D (why isn’t he on any of my links?  I’ll have to fix that), has written probably one of my most favorite posts ever (not counting his “classic studio notes” posts which are always awesome).

Recognizing greatness, he’s slapped part of that post onto a t-shirt.

But this just isn’t about supporting an ok dude.  This is about a statement.  A statement that genre works have their place in human culture.  That there’s nothing to be ashamed of in writing, reading or even enjoying some “common” fiction. [cue heroic music]  That we will not be told what we can and cannot enjoy.  We will read what we will read and to hell with any that are bothered by that!




What?  What do you mean this was all said in 1901?


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