Episode Review – Frontierland

So what have we learned?

Always bring a power cable for your laptop when you leave the home base for a few days.  It can delay blogging.


What did we learn from SPN?

Nate’s 5th law holds true: when SPN changes their opening logo, we’re going to have a pretty good episode.


Of course it was awesome seeing Samuel Colt and how much a bad ass he really was.  The monster was… a bit disappointing this time.  Especially in more recent mythologies, phoenixes have been considered creatures of good.  Yeah, I liked that this guy wasn’t just a generic monster going after random innocents, but I would have liked to seen his character fleshed out more.  I was especially disappointed that he turned out to be just a complete retread of the dragons seen earlier in the season.

Speaking of which, if the phoenix can’t die, what would happen if he was shot or ingested a large amount of iron? (which we did see was bothering him)  Or shoved through the woodchipper?  Would all of that just slowed him down?

I’m also disappointed that the writers didn’t take this opportunity to play more with the Colt.  Yes I am something of a fan of a weapon that can kill anything but the writers have let the Colt gun paint themselves into a corner.  For instance here: what if the gun didn’t kill the phoenix?  No, I don’t think phoenixes are anywhere near the same level as Lucifer… but play with their mythology!  The gun kills the phoenix (and it leaves ashes behind) – but then it is reborn (which could then open up fun possibilities for the phoenix coming back in the future, looking for the boys).  Or Fate, from last week.  I actually believe the Colt could kill her – but since she’s a being that can stop time, do you think you’d ever be able to get off a successful shot?

Which reminds me: the whole armory of Heaven that Castiel’s storyline is tied up with.  Shouldn’t the Colt be a part of that?  Seems like it can do a lot of what some of the other weapons can, but has the benefit of being very focused and localized (I’ve gotten the impression that many of the lost weapons function similar to atom-bombs).

Good but still not good enough to turn around my opinion of this season.  Yet.


6 thoughts on “Episode Review – Frontierland

  1. You think the phoenix should’ve been like Doomsday, or a Saiyan? You kill it, it comes back stronger: Use the Colt, and then next time…

    Also, I liked the timetravel angle. Better than alternate universes – they’ve really done enough of those. I swear, I was actually expecting SPN to end in a lame ripoff of The Dark Tower; the boys saving Sera and the writers to prevent the universe/s from collapsing.

    Also also, the ending was a funny and cute homage and all, but… Sam Winchester is (legally) a criminal who died three years ago. It was on the news and everything… right?

    • No, I’m not a bit fan of “ever increasing” power. I’d have the Phoenix just “bounce back” with no real side effects – positive or negative.

      I know Dean had the big legal death and everything (well, at least 2 IIRC) not sure about Sam. If you mean 3 years ago roughly our time, that would have been during season 2, and Sam wasn’t dead for that long.

      Or are you talking about season 3 (and one of my favorite episodes) Jus in Bello where they were presumed dead from the explosion? I’ll double check the scene.

      Of course, even if we factor in all that, it just adds to the humor of this final scene. Just rewatch it with the subtext of the delivery guy showing up all “Ok, this package says a dead guy is supposed to be here…” 😀

  2. I take it you don’t like Naruto, then?

    yeah, I’m talking about Jus in Bello, where “Sam and Dean Winchester were already inside the helicopter…” Not even dental records left, according to Henrickson’s “testimony”. Guess it’s not really 3 years ago, then.

    Hahaha – Blackberry. Gives a new meaning to “dead ringer”, doesn’t it?

    • Naruto is… ok. I have friends that love it so I tolerate it for them sometimes.

      But then, Naruto is (or at least it was) a good example of how to do “ever increasing powers” RIGHT. In that, the characters are training, we EXPECT them to get stronger, they are EARNING the power. (Now guess my reason for eventually giving up on InuYasha.)

      (then there’s my own writing… lol)

      When you have things like DBZ or doomsday (fun fact: I’m actually a bit of a fan of doomsday, I have a lot – if not all – of his appearances in TPB) the problem is that… well at some point shouldn’t these characters become god(s)? It just leads to a lot of fridge logic moments.

  3. Yeah, and then there’s DBZ and Saint Seiya and Bleach and….

    This is actually a very fitting topic for me right now. In my new WiP, there are three different types of magic. One is the “artifact-magic” system, where you use artifacts to gain new abilities/enhance the abilities you already have. So basically a lot of my characters – good, bad and neutral – will have the whole Sylar-thing of gaining more and more power (not without drawbacks, of course, cause the stronger the magic, the more it costs to use it…).

    And of course there will be things that just CAN’T BE DONE AT ALL (so far, time travel is one of those). This is to prevent my characters from becoming gods/goddesses, while my plots and characterization will on the other hand (hopefully) prevent them from becoming Sues/Stu’s.

    What do you mean, your own writing? What’s happening over there?

    • Certain… “books” (oh go look on my work page if you’re curious) I’m working on where “power levels” fluctuate wildly. Especially between earned and unearned power. 😉

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