Stay on target

The ever mischievous Swenson brings up a good point.

What, you don’t plan on pestering your parents into setting up an independent publishing company to publish your work without editing and with terrible formatting, and then embarking on a spam/sockpuppet campaign across the internet to promote your book and defeat the ‘haters’?

I am ashamed by your lack of professionalism. ASHAMED.

While my parents might be filthy poor oil barons (inside joke), at the moment we do not own a publishing company.  Of course, assuming we did, if you think my parents would publish my stuff right away, you clearly do not know them.  Not only would they be the first to reject me, but dad would probably then taunt me once all the other publishers had.  And really, it’s that kind of parenting that kept me from growing up into a douchebag.  In complete seriousness and honesty: thanks, Dad, for not letting me become a dumbass.


So I’ve gone through my copies of the major publishers and organized them according to most likely acceptance to least likely (though I have high hopes for that reference publisher).

Hmmm… but I haven’t settled on where I’m going to squeeze in 3 additional chapters.  Or what they’ll contain.  I have some ideas… a few things that kind of bug me and need fleshing out…

*downloads own story*

*reads it*

Wow… this is shit.

Well hasn’t stopped most book sellers lately, why should I let it stop me?

Still, looks like I’ll be moving up submissions that don’t require entire manuscripts.

*looking… looking…*

Fiction Subjects include adventure, fantasy, historical, horror, humor, literary, mainstream….etc etc.  “Writers should b eprepared to participate in very aggressie and orchestrated marketing and promotion campaigns, using all the promotional tools and training that we provide, at no charge.  We’re expanding in all areas.”  Submit proposal package.  See website for complete proposal guidelines.

Looks like Archebooks Publishing is first!  Anyone who has seen me around knows that I have no shame, so marketing campaign ahoy!  Let’s go check the website

Man these people are shameless.  Oh I think we’re going to get along great!

Guidelines look basic enough, but they’re wanting a full manuscript.  Better start writing, reviewing this 8 page proposal article, and start work on this author evaluation form.

Now the challenging question to both of my readers: which category do I submit under?  Truly a matter for the philosophers to ponder.



2 thoughts on “Stay on target

  1. I have never been able to understand booksellers’ obsession with labeling books as simply “young adult” or “women’s fiction”. First, last time I checked, there’s very little difference between what men read/write and what women read/write. Second, “young adult” isn’t a genre, it’s… I don’t know, a completely different means of classification. A “young adult” book could be in any genre, couldn’t it?

  2. Heyyyyy. Don’t mock the ‘young adult’ label. It is a genre that means there are no other genre divisions within the section, thus avoiding the dreaded sci-fi ghetto. And there are a lot of people out there who read young adult who… aren’t that young.

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