Hittin’ the library…

Well after some advice from a friend, I decided to hit the library on my day off.

Step 1 is to get some target info. (Step 0 is obviously: Write something.)

Apparently there is no better information on prospective publishers than the Writers’ Market Guide.

With advice on publishing and more listings than you can shake a stick at, this is definitely the place to start.  So I hit book with a pocket full of quarters.  Several copies later… I walked out of the library in a rain storm.

Whether the universe is weeping with joy or fear over my efforts, I can’t say.  But I’ve got half a dozen companies from the “big publishers” listing and a few pages of advice that interested me.  Next, we’ll glance over their standards and pick the first victim approach.


One thought on “Hittin’ the library…

  1. What, you don’t plan on pestering your parents into setting up an independent publishing company to publish your work without editing and with terrible formatting, and then embarking on a spam/sockpuppet campaign across the internet to promote your book and defeat the ‘haters’?

    I am ashamed by your lack of professionalism. ASHAMED.

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