And now a big announcement…

Well I was going to put this up last week but… who would have believed me?

I will aim to publish Nagasaki Moon.

Sure there’s self publishing and all that nowadays… but that’s too easy.  I’ve often felt that the greater the adversity, the greater one’s growth as an artist.  So maybe a challenge might get me up to artist status.  But I’d hate for my efforts to navigate this minefield to be a total waste, so I’ll be chronicling the process from here, under my new category “Quest for Print”.  Hopefully this will help out other friends and talented folk (but I repeat myself) who would like to be published.

But you put your book up for free! -the Internet

That’s a good point.  And I’d hate to have any of you (even my mom, who would totally buy a bunch of copies I’m sure) to spend money on something like that.  I’d much prefer both of my fans to get their monies worth.

So, in addition to some minor edits, I will also be adding 3 additional chapters (bringing the book up to a nice, even 20).  But I haven’t settled on what those 3 chapters will contain or where they’ll go.  So, while I begin this work, drop your comments detailing any mistakes you found, or parts you want fleshed out.

Still doesn’t seem like enough?  I’ll also be including some “bonus” short stories dealing with the universe there.  One of them is already written (a gift for a friend around Christmas).  The others are… up to you.  Yes, I will be holding a fan fic competition (I was going to say I’ll include 2 additional stories, but that’s a big assumption on how many entrants I might get).

What are the rules?

1. Has to take place in Anie’s universe/canon. (I know your Dr Who fic might be really awesome, but I can’t publish it)

That’s pretty much it.  I’ll iron out the details while working on this, but otherwise, start having fun.  Currently, can’t offer much of a prize other than a) free copy of the book and b) a chance to be “promoted to canon” of something you enjoy.  Again, we’ll see how the details iron out as we go.

Now, a few tips on increasing your chances of me (plus any other judges if I getting WAY too many entrants) picking the submission.

  • No erotica – it’s boring, you can get more than enough of that for free on the internet.  It’s also lazy.
  • Be careful with main characters – I have a rough idea on the past and futures of most of the “stars” of the first book.  So the more you deal with them, the greater the chance you run up against planned canon, and I have to reject a story just because it won’t fit in the ‘verse.  Besides, I’m a sucker for side characters, and fleshing out someone, or inventing someone new who perhaps briefly intersected the “spotlight” characters (or was impacted by their actions) is a big plus.
  • Feel free to ask some questions on these posts – Some answers I might not be able to give (less they spoil goodies), but if you’d like a clarification on something or just want to check on whether an idea might run afoul of planned canon, I’ll try and let you know.
  • Have Fun – if you enjoy writing it, that increases the chances I enjoy reading it. 😉

So keep watch on this space, let’s see how the adventure goes.

One thought on “And now a big announcement…

  1. Dude. I love you. This is awesome. I’d LOVE to write a fanfic. As soon as I finish all my other 171 things I want to write. We’ll see how it goes.

    This also means that I’ll have to re-acquaint myself with NM. Do you have a PDF of the entire book?

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