Scott Pilgrim’s Progress

Thanks to a friend, I was loaned the Scott Pilgrim books and managed to read all 6 volumes.

What did I think?

Quite a few of my friends like the anime Cowboy Beebop.  Can you blame them?  Steve Blum voices one of the main characters!

That said… I don’t like it.

But I get why they do.  If someone asked me to recommend anime to them, I’d recommend Cowboy Beebop.  If I was stuck on an island alone with a big screen TV, a DVD player and only one anime to choose from, I would prefer Cowboy Beebop to a lot of other shows (go to hell Twelve Kingdoms).  But there’s a lot of shows I would rather watch than it (Full Metal Panic – any of them).

Now I know it’s hard to think straight when someone disagrees with you on the internet so let me repeat this about 2 dozen times:

It’s GOOD, I just don’t like it.


My intelligent readers (but I repeat myself) have now probably guessed what my opinion of Scott Pilgrim is.  I can see why a lot of people like it.  It is better than a lot of stuff out there.  But it’s not for me.


Well it’s not for any one single reason, but for a lot of little things that just don’t appeal to me (nearly everything listed here for starters).

One reviewer once described Scott Pilgrim as a musical with fighting replacing music.  This is accurate in my opinion with the graphic novels.  After all, how could you do a musical in a flat, silent format?  So I commend the author for attempting something new and largely accomplishing it.  But I don’t like musicals. (operas on the other hand…)  Even replacing something as sissy as song & dance numbers with something as badass as fighting doesn’t improve it enough for me.


How do I think the source compared to the movie?

As well as it could be expected.  In fact I’d call it the most faithful movie adaption I’ve seen in awhile. (Without a doubt, the best way to adapt Scott Pilgrim would be a video game or anime miniseries.)  I still wish the movie had dropped Knives.

All in all… for me, I give it a 2 out of 5.  But don’t let that stop you from enjoying this creative effort.


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