Episode Review – …And Then There Were None

The Bad – Really Supernatural?  You had to make a crack at Christianity?  That makes no sense in the cosmology you set up.

And we see the Winchesters forgetting equipment they’ve had in the past (again).

Another high body count.

Except for Bobby, of course.  Which don’t get me wrong, I love Bobby (reminds me of some people I know), but at this point his plot armor is getting ridiculous.  If you want to shake things up and prove “nobody’s safe” – then you almost have to kill Bobby.  Would that they killed him and force the brothers to rely upon a new ally (Rufus?  Grandpa?  Cute cousin?) to shake things up.

The Good – Since the source of the Christianity mouthing is the main bad guy, we could pass it off as a lie.

The trucker actually being a decent man & Christian was actually a nice twist for once.  Nice for us to be reminded of what the Winchesters are fighting for now and then.

Ok, I did enjoy the tributes to the Thing and Star Trek 2: Wrath of Kahn.

Rufus is so awesome.  Also nice to see everybody taking some joy in their work again. (I mean, it’s not nice what Hunters do, but once upon a time, Dean & others took what enjoyment they could from it.)

You know… that distant relative actually seems like a better fit for Dean than even Lisa was.  Shame she’s dead.

All in all…

This 2nd half of the season is shaping up to be at least of more consistent quality than the 1st half.


3 thoughts on “Episode Review – …And Then There Were None

  1. This is a long post, but don’t worry, Nate – I’m not fighting, just discussing. 🙂 What equipment did they forget?

    You know – I have to agree with you about Bobby. But I’d like his death to be a Season Finale-thing, like with John, Dean and the Sam/Lucifer/Adam/Michael combo. A nice big blow to make us wonder “how are they going to get up after this?” He’s awesome, so his death should be awesome too.

    The Winchesters & Rufus would’ve been made of win. I will miss that guy, I really will. And it sucks that we didn’t get to hear his full backstory. I mean, think about it; he’s almost the complete opposite of the average hunter. Bobby, John and Gordon (the other important “senior” hunters) all became what they were after a personal tragedy (I don’t know about gramps). Rufus *stopped* hunting after a personal tragedy. His intro scene in S3 was all kinds of awesome – jaded, pissed-off old guy who’s seen it all and didn’t like it. And he was Jewish *and* he was the only hunter other than Gordon and the brothers who actually got in trouble with the law; because it makes sense to me that every single hunter out there should have a Henrickson on his trail.

    Yeah, the trucker’s thing was cool. What do you think of Eve so far, or is it too early to tell? Apart from the fact that she’s a pretty female (which is new), she also has proper motivation for what she does – the entire damn series consists of hunters killing her kids. So obviously “she’s pissed”, as the worm put it.

    Enjoyment in their work – agreed. That’s what attracted us to the series back in S1, isn’t it? Sure, things got more complicated and angsty since then, but we have to see some “I’m badass and loving it” episodes every now and again. Add that to the fact that Eve cooks up new monsters just to catch them off guard, and we’ve got a winner. You agree?

    cute cousin, eh? isn’t she a bit too old for Dean?;-)

    • What equipment did they forget?

      Oh! Klutor lost the trivia contest. 😦

      The tazer gun from the episode when Dean first nearly died. I think one of those would be very useful against something that dislikes electricity, don’t you? 😉

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