Episode Review – Mannequin 3: the Reckoning

Another hoe hum episode.  If last week was wrapping up the last of Sam’s soullessness, looks like this episode is wrapping up Lisa’s & Ben’s storyline.

You know what I held most against this episode?  It’s mostly lazy.

First we actually have an interesting twist to the ghost standard: a donated organ is keeping the ghost around.  This is a dilemma I’d like to see them spend a whole episode working with.  Do they need to invoke a priest and some holy water?  How will they take care of this?  Oh, let a deus ex machina finish the girl off.  😦

Second, what about the whole debate about responsibilities (and by consequence, John Winchester’s actions).  Humans – especially children – need family, they need their father and mother.  But what if the monsters of Supernatural were real?  If you know about this “other world”, then you have a responsibility to deal with it, to try and save others.  In order to function as a society, we – the members of that society – have a responsibility to catch thieves and murders.  Since we acknowledge this, as a group we take up a collection and hire a fellow citizen to catch the thief and pay for the rope to hang him.  Of course it’s all more complicated, but that is the core idea behind the police and courts systems of societies.  In SPN, we have thieves and murders that other citizens do not recognize, thus we cannot take up a collection and outsource the work.  It ultimately falls on you as a member of that society (just as if no one bothered to step up to stop a thief, it would then be your responsibility).  So the world of SPN proposes an interesting clash of responsibility.  How would you deal with these?  Police and soldiers have to struggle with this clash themselves, but a lot of dramas fail to realize this contrast adequately.  Humans have had to raise families in less than ideal circumstances since the beginning of time.  Why don’t we see more fiction addressing these challenges?

Yeah there were some canon mistakes too but… I’m not interested. For lazy writing, I’m giving this episode:


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