Episode Review – Like a Virgin

Quote of the night: “Where’d you get that?”  Dean: “Comic-con.”

After a rather depressing, horrible season 3, Supernatural returned to a stellar season 4.  ‘Lazarus Rising’ was like a breath of fresh air, reminding us why we loved the show and what had been missing before.

Tonight, was like the moment we had just watched ‘Lazarus Rising’.  I dare say the entire episode was an apology to us fans.  In fact, I started to wonder if the show makers had consulted my mind personally for what they’d have to do to make up for the sheer amount of shit they had put us through this season.  I mean… dragons?  World of Warcraft reference?  Sera, are you trying to suck up to me?

So (so far anyway) with the season return, it’s like the first half is forgotten.  Let’s just ignore it… move along…

We did get one interesting lore confirmation (I think, I may have missed understood the line).  In the novel Nevermore, there is a throwaway line about John once helping someone fight a small dragon.  The boys found nothing about this in his journal.  Of course, some could say that John just didn’t write it down, but then the historian says that dragons haven’t been seen for 700 years.  So… looks like the book is out of canon until a workaround is proposed. (WTH?  The show validates the mediocre to poor comics but invalidates their better novels?  Poor choice)

And hey!  The boys were likable again!  They rescued people again!  The soundtrack had some fun at Dean’s expense!  See?  Was that all so bad?

If I had any complaint about the episode, it would be the sword in the stone deal.  Not for the shout out just… Well first I have to say, well done SPN on the scholar having the sword.  I remember Whedon would sometimes have “just the right thing” by someone in his shows.  Probably the worst I recall was in the Angel episode ‘Reprise’ where a bookstore owner Angel was talking too just happened to have this one glove in all the world that could kill this one type of demon.  The worst deus ex machina I think I had ever seen.  Here, SPN did an adequate set up.  However, why was the sword in the stone?  I kept thinking they were going to reveal that the scholar was actually a dragon herself, and wanting to preserve their line but… no.  Then, why did Dean go and get plastic explosives?  They have a sledgehammer (seen in episodes 2.06 and 2.07) and even if they didn’t, getting one is much cheaper than those explosives (I bet).  Break the rock apart!

I thought it interesting that apparently dragons suffer from angel syndrome (they can only fly off camera).  Still, we have a new villain, the boys are smiling again… there’s dragons…

I’m tempted to curve this to a 5 shell rating but…

Well when they revealed that the book was written on human skin, I was hopeful that we’d get some kind of C’thulhu/Old Ones reference!  Doesn’t seem to be the case (though the Mother-of-All is presumably a very Old One herself) so far.  Thus… I’m giving this:


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