Nate watches Avatar #3.11-3.15

Chapter 11. the Day of Black Sun, Part 2: the Eclipse – The world of Avatar (the good one), has sunglasses.  That’s just awesome.  Though I’m not sure how much I can forgive this episode for not letting Aang kick MORE ass or for letting us see Iroh’s escape.  Still, great action and lots of showdowns we’ve been waiting to see (but still not the ones we want to see).

12. the Western Air Temple – At this point, it’s like the writers finally were let loose: doing the comedy they’ve been wanting to do with Zuko, and the bad-assery they’ve been wanting to do with Sokka.  Or… is it a prelude to something more?  Oh well, I want Zuko’s line, “Why am I so bad at being good?” on a t-shirt.

13. the Firebending Masters – So here we finally learn what I asked recently: where are all the dragons?  Apparently Sozin made dragon hunting a part of fire nation culture and as a consequence, the dragons were nearly wiped out.

Except… why?  Sozin had his own dragon, there was clearly some fire nation tradition with domesticating them.  So why would Sozin go hunting for these flying, fire-breathing creatures when he was planning to attack the air tribe???  If I was planning on attacking a bunch of people who flew around in the air, lived on tall cliffs or crazy, upside down cities, I think a flying creature would be at the top of my shopping list.  Reminds me of the joke from the Last Airbender rifftrax: “The fire nation: if you lived here, you’d be evil by now.”

The revelation about which animals were the original sources of bending was also fascinating, I’m just disappointed we didn’t get to learn which one was the water source.  Hopefully, that will be fixed soon.

14. the Boiling Rock, Part 1 -I liked seeing a bit of chemistry between Sokka and Zuko.  It’s actually kind of funny how they have more in common than Sokka and Aang when you think about it.  Their talk about their girlfriends was awesome.

I can’t believe they resisted a Star Wars reference when Sokka found Suki in her prison.  Still… the rest can wait for part 2.

15. the Boiling Rock, Part 2 -Everyone get their “Mai came for a conjugal visit” out of their system now (actually, this is the first time I’ve felt the two of them had chemistry).

Now, awesome awesome job on these episodes, writing team.  When you watch them, it’s obvious how they could be packed down into 1.  Instead, we see a great idea stretched out as far as it needed to be, explored and addressed.  This is what I was going on about in earlier talks!  If they had done more episodes like this – and less filler… We’d have to invent a new language to describe how good it was.

Interesting to see Azula’s friends turn against her.  One of the classic divisions in fiction is that the good guys ultimately win over the villains because…. well because of numbers.  The good guys have friends and allies that aid them, whereas the villains end up alone (one of the best demonstrations is the climatic fight in the original Highlander).  Looks like that’s happening here… I’m anxious to see how it all goes.


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