Episode Review – Appointment in Samara

Hey… wasn’t there this show… about these brothers… that I watched or something?


Oh right, Supernatural.

I had been having trouble trying to find this episode on the web… and part of me didn’t care enough to try that hard.  The previous episode was just… so… bad.  This one?

Yeah, I’m still letting some of the pain from the previous episode influence the score.

Hey, at least the show finally remembered Adam.  In passing.  Wow, what great brotherly love.  You know, it might have been more interesting to have Dean struggling and wavering over the decision all episode – only to make his choice at the end when he sees Sam trying to kill Bobby.

And really, killing your father is the “worst scaring sin”?  I would think killing your mother or child would actually be worse than offing dad (or heck, just make it general parricide).

I guess Dean couldn’t find another psychic to give him an out of body experience like last time.

We did get some stuff fleshing out the SPN universe more – which is why I kind of wish the show would end on a high (before all the mystery & wonder is gone).  I guess demons need souls as “collateral” to bring someone back from the dead to keep the “natural order” in balance.

At least now, we can pretty much forget all of the first part of the season as everything except Dean’s separation from Lisa has been undone/finished/concluded.  With the exception of the fairy episode, I say good riddance.  Here’s hoping the 2nd half of season 6 greatly improves.


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