Happy Inception Day!

Why are you reading this?  Why aren’t you watching your copy right now?

What’s that?  Some other… cat-thing came out today?  Ah well, here’s some random [SPOILER] thoughts on the movie…

  • The soundtrack is so awesome.  Try having it blare over your speakers while playing World of Warcraft.  Or – if you really want to trip out – while playing Lego Universe.
  • For those who forgot, the “totem” rule is that you never let someone touch your totem, else they could make a dream world where your totem works like it should in reality, giving you a “false reading” on where you are.  At first glance, it seems like Cobb breaks this rule – he’s using his wife’s old totem but he’s not.  Let’s assume for a moment that there was no human error or whatever, the totem rule was always followed.  Thus, Mal was the only person who ever touched the top… until the day she died.  On that day, Cobb picks up the top, then a few minutes later, the only other person who had touched the totem, the only one who would break the rule, died.  Thus, after that day, the totem rule was maintained, Cobb was the only person left (alive) who knew what the top felt like.
  • I don’t think this movie was about the theme “what is real” (like the Matrix).  There is never any real question about what is real or not.  No, the question seems to be, which do we prefer, reality or fantasy?  Is there something we should prefer?  After all, reality – life – is hard.
  • Not only should Inception win EVERY Oscar at the next show (including best animated movie and documentary), but they should invent half a dozen new categories for Inception to win.  And James Cameron should be nominated for every one of those new categories, just to make the victory sweeter.
  • My favorite meta joke from the movie?  There’s one particular song the group plays when preparing a subject for a kick.  This is the last song to play over the end credits.

3 thoughts on “Happy Inception Day!

  1. I love #3. And #4. And #5. Actually, scratch that, I love the whole darn lot of ’em.

    Unfortunately, I can’t remember much about the soundtrack, since I’ve only seen it once, and I’m waiting for the DVD to become cheaper.

  2. Ohhh, the music is gorgeous. It comes up every so often on a Pandora station of mine, and I just love it.

    I like what you said in #3, by the way. While there is the question left hanging of what is real, I think you’re right. The whole thing where there’s all the people who come to Yusuf to dream, Mal and Cobb not wanting to leave Limbo, it’s literally about what difference there is (if any) between reality and fantasy, but thematically it’s about which is better, I guess.

    Also, I must go buy this immediately, as unfortunately I have so far been unable to!

    • I got an edition with a copy of the movie’s shooting script which also has an interview between Chris and his brother. I’ll see what I can post about it later, let’s just say, after that Christopher Nolan should be honorary pope of ImpishIdea…

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