Supernatural: the Official Season 5 Companion

“All our internet search engines have the safe search function turned off,” explains Meloche, “so when you type in something like ‘the Whore of Babylon,’ you always have to be cognizant of who’s actually in the trailer and making sure that no one’s going to come in.  We’re all used to looking around at each other’s screens and seeing all these atrocities because it’s part of having to get reference for the beheadings and zombie faces and maggoty burgers that we work on.  Well, you type in ‘whore’ and you get a lot of different images.”

Do I need to say any more?  While I may not rank season 5 as the best season, I will rank it as the most daring – and give Kripke & Co props for trying everything they did.  Thus, it makes a certain sense that with the most ballsy season you get the best companion.

Even though I didn’t get my review of the season 4 companion up quick enough, Titan Books must have some psychics working on staff as they improved on almost every complaint I had (including reducing typos).  Season 5 is filled with much more technical detail and more humor.  Even the pics have a greater array of the cast (though still plenty of shots of Jared, Jensen & Castiel, ladies) as well as – my favorite after Julie McNiven – close ups of some of the prop labels and drawings and sets.  It even includes the detail of the letter Dean wrote to Sam & Bobby in the episode ‘Point of No Return’, and it is really quite heartwarming (the show would have been better served had this letter been shown, somehow).  Yes… part of me is still bugged that there’s so much good research on the Whore of Babylon and a lack of it on the Antichrist.  There is a bit on the in depth look at wraiths that brings up interesting possibilities that I think could have made the episode more interesting had they went with it instead of what they chose.

As always this thing is packed with trivia and behind-the-scene shenanigans that would be worth a reality show on their own.  Then Sera Gamble writes in her intro:

It’s because you showed up and watched.  And told your friends.  And jumped on the internet.  And praised us and bitched us out and generally became one of the strongest and most passionate fandoms ever.

Yeah, I know that wasn’t to me personally but for a moment… I’ll dream.  You’re welcome, Sera.  But it’s not really all for you, it’s because this show is worth it.  What’s this companion worth?  Well, grading on a curve (that is: against all the other companions) I would have to rank this one:

Casual fans may not need it as much but hardcore fans should definitely get this for their collection.  If not, don’t try challenging me on any trivia matches now. 😉


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