I was working on SPN week when I got a little distracted…


Yeah, I still say Jensen Ackles would have been a better GL but Ryan Reynolds may do alright.  I’m not sure about some of the CGI, when you have as much alien and futuristic stuff going on as you would in a GL movie, I think one should use practical effects as much as possible to aid in the realism.  Otherwise it just gets to be a cartoon.  And I’m hoping they’re not planning on keeping this a trilogy.  If they want to go all the way up to a Blackest Night movie (and why wouldn’t they? you could even do it with pure GL’ness) it’ll take 4-6 movies at least.

Still… this… Your Highness… Narnia 3… Tron: Legacy…

Thank you God for giving us geeks this bountiful harvest. Truly our cups doth runneth over.


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