Supernatural – Original Television Soundtrack

Repeat after me:




I only bring this up because more than a few Amazon reviewers thought this was a collection of all the kick-ass rock tracks that have been on the show.  No, it isn’t (such a CD would melt your player anyway).  This is rather a collection of instrumental tracks that the show’s music crew have created original to the show.

Of course, I love instrumental works and SPN has one of the best on television right now.  Without a doubt, they certainly have some of the best titles.  Here’s a list of the tracks (just in case you get this digitally) along with some brief thoughts on each one.

  1. And so it begins… – Suitably creepy.
  2. Luci’fer, You Got Some ‘Splainin’ to do! – Disturbingly upbeat
  3. Isn’t it Bromantic?
  4. Demon Agitato, Mr Ostinato
  5. Dean’s Dirty Organ (Brother’s Guitar Theme) – this one ROCKS!  Definitely my favorite track (after this, a lot of them blend together so well I forget which is which) and easily a rockin’ pop song if you throw some words onto it.
  6. Americana
  7. the Grateful Undead
  8. “Salmon Dean” in the Heartland
  9. Blood Drops Keep Falling on my Head
  10. Old ‘Monster Movie’
  11. Decapitation Variations
  12. Tears in their Beers
  13. Gratuitous Sex and Violins – violins make everything better
  14. Ruby: So Cute, So Creepy
  15. the Family Business/Elegy for John
  16. the Meatsuit Mambo
  17. Lilith Unfair
  18. End Credits & Mo’ Guitar Grit

Some I’m not commenting on less I spoil the game of “where in the show was this” that you know fans will play.  Probably the best part about this soundtrack is how well you can fit it to the RPG session – not only are you game master, now you’re a DJ as well!  Playing familiar tracks at the right moments, letting some of them loop, saving the loud strings for the jump scares… this is probably the single greatest tool for immersion I’ve seen (D&D should really get its own soundtrack).

But the big question is: how does this soundtrack rate?

I quite enjoyed it quite a bit.  If you don’t like instrumental music, drop a shell.  If you don’t play or like the show’s RPG, drop another shell.  For casual fans… this probably ranks around 1-2 shells so, just keep that in mind when considering purchasing this.

Though if you can, get track 5.  It’s awesome.


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