Episode Review – “All Dogs go to Heaven”

Dag-nabbit Supernatural…

In my post on the SPN:RPG “monster” book, I pointed out that:

In fact, I’m hoping Kripke & Co will take some of the new, invented monsters from this book and show them off in season 6.  I really want to see the boys fight Sasquatch.

And this week we have a monster referred to in the book!  And it’s nothing like that.  It’s also nothing like the lore.  Here’s a bit from the “Guide to the Hunted”:

The name “skinwalker” applies to a wide range of beings across the world.  Skinwalkers are different from shapeshifters in that they usually only take on the form of animals, whereas shapeshifters specialize in impersonating different humans.  The methods are entirely different, as well.  Shapeshifters are usually genetic freaks that develop their powers naturally, while skinwalkers are almost always people who learn magic or some other technique to become an animal spirit.

So, where’s all the problems with tonight’s episode…

  1. That’s now 3 monster types that can VERY easily breed.  How in the world are there any normal humans left on earth?
  2. Why aren’t more hunters skinwalkers?  There’s no downsides like the bloodlust of vampires or the madness of werewolves.  Get bit, then you get some of the improved senses of your animal, pick something fast enough and you can run down anything, plus you now can’t be killed unless someone packs silver (and considering how many things are weak to silver, that’s unlikely).  Or why not have skinwalker sidekicks?
  3. If they had went with the “magic” and “ritual” format of making skinwalkers, the whole purgatory thing would make a lot more sense as explained a side effect of the spell keeps you out of heaven and hell – but just a bite?  Why would “Lucky” be barred from heaven or hell, now?  In all other ways, he’s still mostly human.  Making things like this make a lot of the “monsters” come off as humans just suffering from a blood/saliva-borne disease.  It’s like saying that someone with AIDS won’t go to heaven or hell.  WTF?
  4. It was sort of nice to see a bit more explained about Sam, but some of his interaction with Lucky just started to get obnoxious.
  5. Working for Crowley still bugs me – I thought most of season 5 was about fighting the urge to be “puppets”.
  6. BUT, if you’re going to “work” for him, why not do it smart?  Dean, you just learned that there’s “sleeper cells” possibly all over the world.  Handing the skinwalkers up to Crowley might be a good thing in order to root these things out, you know?  Can we at least get SOME discussion of that?
  7. Or why not call up some demon buddies to help you out if you’re going to storm the warehouse full of shapeshifting dogs?
  8. Yes, I somewhat like that they have better explanations for why Castiel can’t help out the boys this much this season (it’s a lot stronger than last) but… has it not occurred to anybody that he might need to be informed about Crowley’s plans?  Again: plot of Painkiller – Hell uses Purgatory as a staging ground to invade Heaven.  You’d think the angels might set aside their differences to unite against this threat.  Of course, assuming that maybe invading heaven isn’t Crowley’s plan, still seems like his plot is something Castiel should know (plus, now that he has his mojo back, talking with him is probably a good way to make sure Crowley doesn’t show up or eavesdrop).

Still, at least this episode had a shout out to Dexter.  That might tickle some people.

I need to get a bad taste out of my mouth.

This week is Supernatural week!  I’ve got a lot of backlog and it looks like there won’t be a hiatus soon so time to catch up on magazines, soundtracks and guides…


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