Episode Review – “Family Matters”

Big on revelation, this nonetheless remains an episode that seems to weigh in on my “ignore season 6” tally.  Where to begin… in no particular order…

  1. STILL no mention between Dean & grandpa on their last meeting in the past.  Yeah, a lot of it was while grandpa was being played by Azazel but it’s been established that the possessed person remains aware of what’s going on so… why haven’t they gone over any of this?
  2. So every monster has a mother.  With all the references SPN makes, smart money is that Lilith is the mother of all monsters.
  3. While I don’t mind the concept of purgatory, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Vampires, werewolves and wendigos are all former humans.  Shapeshifters have been hinted at as being a sub-species of human.  So… why don’t they follow the same rules as humans?  Sole exception would may be vampires where, if turned against their will, become conceivably too evil for heaven, but because of “extenuating circumstances” aren’t worthy of hell either.
  4. How does the question “where is purgatory” make any sense?  Can you draw a map to it?  And the show’s been so good about demonstrating the sort of extra-worldly manner about the afterlife.  But Castiel’s true form is as big as a skyscraper?  He’s an angel!  His true form shouldn’t be applicable in four dimensional space!
  5. I know I’ve been easier on the whole angel & demon mythos than Sephira but come on!  We’ve had 2-3 seasons about this (depending on your count), it’s done.  Stop giving us a retread of season 5 and instead just run with the idea that with heaven & hell in chaos, there’s a turf war on earth between humans, monsters, etc.
  6. Hell, looking to take over purgatory?  Yep, that’s the plot from the painkiller video game.
  7. Sure, Crowley may be king of hell now by default, but he cannot be that powerful.  I’m betting he’s cobbled together Sam’s body as a sort of robot from earthly materials (we are dust of the earth after all) but getting his soul back from where it’s conceivably locked up in the cage with Lucifer must be beyond his powers, because otherwise Lucifer (who’s a lot stronger and the rightful king of hell) should be able to get out without issue.  But then, Crowley’s a demon so a lot of what he says may be revealed to be lies down the road.
  8. Betting that grandpa is working with Crowley for Mary’s sake.  We haven’t seen the realher since her ghost saved her sons so its possible she might be in hell as a result of making the deal with Azazel (even though it wasn’t a part of the deal, maybe it’s a side effect).
  9. I kept hoping it would be revealed that the big guy wasn’t actually the alpha, but the twin little girls from the Shining that Dean was seeing.
  10. The worst part about season 5 was that the monsters and angels/demons seemed to be segregated story wise except for a stray line now and then.  Today we finally have the storylines coming together… and we STILL can’t get a single monster even acknowledging that Sam was Satan for a time?  Even the borg made reference to Picard as Locutus for a time after his freedom.  We can’t get someone commenting “hey Satan!  Really admired your work last year.”?

I guess I’m just angry because I know Supernatural can be better than this.  It wasn’t a horrible episode but… don’t get stuck in a rut guys!



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