Episode Review – You Can’t Handle the Truth

Whatever else I might say, I will give season 6 credit for having the best title run of any season so far.

Still, it’s the first half of the season which means… pagan god fight time!

Ok ok, there were no pagan gods in season 4 and season 2’s god took place in the last half but… 4 out of 6 is still a pretty good record.  Not much to say about the monster this time except to note that Supernatural finally got a catgirl onto screen – and killed her.  I… don’t really have anything else to add to that.

Instead, I’ll rant about the 3 big revelations we had tonight.  In her article on SPN, Sephira pointed out:

At no point in the show does either Sam or Dean turn to the other and say ‘Hey, have you noticed that all of the females we interact with are extraordinarily hot?’ Thre are two explanations for this:

1) Like the rest of the shows on the CW, Supernatural takes place in a world where everyone is ridiculously good looking, unless something about the episode (of their lives!) specifically calls for them to be otherwise.

2) Sam and Dean are avoiding all the ugly people who need rescuing.

We now know that the answer is firmly #1.  In the opening credits, the first victim is a girl who’s told by someone (and everyone must tell her the truth, remember) that she is a ‘3’ (going by the 1-10 attractive scale obviously).  Clearly, in a world where a girl that cute merits a 3 is a world with no ugly people live.

The 2nd revelation is another glimpse into what the show runners are going to do with Lisa & Dean – they are apparently going to be separated the old fashioned way.  Which, I’ll admit, is kind of a bold step for the show.  Trust me, even though I’m a Dean/Anna fan, I am not loving this.  I know one of my reasons was that Dean can talk to Anna about his life freely (I mean, she brought up his time in Hell to him) but why can’t he do that with Lisa?  At times I can understand why someone might keep a secret from a loved one – such as not wanting to give an hour long backstory so they can have full context.  But Lisa is vaguely familiar with what Dean did/does – what reason does he have from telling her “sorry hon, I was a vampire for a day, was trying not to eat you”.  And by now, I am getting a little tired of the show lampshading the brothers’ relationship.  It slightly concerns me that we live in a world where their relationship would be considered unhealthy.  Other than the constant horror and life or death situations they go through every day (often only surviving because of the other), each other and the car are the only source of stability either of them has had through their entire lives.  Quite frankly I’d be more concerned if their relationship was anything less than it is now.

Finally, we had the truth about what Sam is.  Really… he is Sam just… suffering some side effects from being Satan for a day.  Really, can you blame him?  Considering what just Raphael did to his vessel, I think Sam is in remarkably good shape.  Especially when you remember that Lucifer said he’s actually cold, not warm (not only a reference to Dante but a meta joke rich with Christian lore).  Could it be that being Satan for a time has “frozen” Sam’s heart and soul?  That’s my current theory, we’ll see with the next episode…

It’s a pretty good, standard episode.  Nothing great, nothing horrible either.


2 thoughts on “Episode Review – You Can’t Handle the Truth

  1. I had totally forgotten about that. I mean the actress was a bit funny-looking, but she was funny-looking in a way that is actually a net positive, so it makes you interesting and cute. I thought she was adorable.

    I mean, you can’t find one fat actress in all of Vancouver and give her greasy hair and fake acne or something?

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