Nate watches “RED”

Hope everyone had a happy halloween.  I’m back  from vacation and packing a large backlog of writing so why delay.  Since I promised a friend, first up is a movie I got to see last night, “RED”.

TL:DR review – It’s Borne Identity meets Space Cowboys with a dash of Mr & Mrs Smith.

This movie is also based on a comic book but not what we might call a “genre” comic book (superheroes etc) but one of the more straightforward fare, a comic book that could have easily been a novel.  So if you’re letting your bias keep you away from it: don’t.

Your enjoyment of it will largely depend on how burnt out you are on “secret organization (CIA 99% of the time) tries to kill active/former employees” storyline.  I’m always a bit of a fan of these (Garak is my favorite Star Trek character of all time) so I enjoyed it pretty well.  I’m going to give it…

Pretty good matinee price or if you need 2 hours to make out with your significant other.

Spoiler Review

Really?  I have to mark off a section for spoilers?  This movie’s like Ocean’s 11 – you know what’s going to be happening, the only “twists” in the movie is who dies permanently and how the characters get to their goal.  The acting is top notch and I’m really hoping we get to see Karl Urban get more work in Hollywood.

Do I have any complaints?  Eh… I could complain about how “yet again” the American government is the bad guy (sort of) but I don’t think I could offer any better a rebuttal than Jonah Goldberg did.  Or even the trailers in front of the movie.  With a heavy dose of irony, a trailer for Fair Game played right before the film – an upcoming movie where (as made clear in the trailer) some people in the government get back at a CIA agent by… exposing them to the press.  Wait, I thought the point of RED was that it was bad to cover everything up and be secretive.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but… it almost makes me feel sorry for the government – no matter what they do, it’s the wrong thing in Hollywood apparently (why Tinseltown isn’t more libertarian I’ll never know).

There are also a few moments where the film contradicts itself (apparently main character power includes dampening the inertia of bullets) but it’s just so awesome to see these veteran actors together (and they’re clearly having fun) I can overlook a lot of flaws.  So… if you can set your politics aside and enjoy the ride, add an extra shell to my score, two if you’re a big fan of Freeman, Willis, Malkovich and the rest.


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