Episode Review – Weekend at Bobby’s

Last episode I made a bit of a fuss over “fanficers” of SPN being pandered to by the show.

This episode I was pandered to.

And I LOVED it.

Seriously, why aren’t Mark Sheppard and Jim Beaver in their own buddy cop movie already?  Or can we get a spin off with Bobby and Rufus hunting things?  The guys have the chops to carry a show.


Lots of geeky shout outs this episode.  Is there anyone that I need to remind that “MacLeod” is the title character from Highlander?  And Rufus has to kill an Ookami?  Are the show producers a fan of my work? (no probably not, but let me dream a moment, please)

I like the fact that we got to see an episode from Bobby’s PoV and just how hard he works (I hope he got a bite of that cobbler eventually).  Fun fact: the neighbor, played by Jennifer Aspen, also acted in Larry the Cable Guy’s Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza as well as the short-lived (and under-appreciated) sitcom ‘Rodney’.  I keep telling you people, don’t underestimate the power of the trucker hat!

I’m torn about the mythology addition of demons.  Setting aside that I’m disappointed Crowly was only 400+ years old.  (Seems like you’d need to be pushing a thousand to get to be king of the crossroads.)  I like that the show is fleshing out the plot lines that demons are all ex-humans (there’s a very good explanation for all this in the season 4 guide – yes I will get to it, I promise), but on the other hand, I thought just “salting & burning” bones sent a ghost to the afterlife.  Does this show that ghosts are actually destroyed when you do that?  Are the demons destroyed?  Or is one and not the other?  Why?  I mean, I liked how Bobby pulled everything off but… now this just raises further questions! (plus, previous episode we were told that souls have lots of power, why are they so easy to destroy?)

Ah well, great episode overall.  Great followup and a very welcome return of the sheriff, Crowley and Rufus.


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