Episode Review – the Third Man

Shhhh… you hear that?


That’s the sound of a thousand fan fic writers firing up their keyboards.

Seriously, is there a point where even fanfic writers feel like they’re being pandered to?


Really there’s not a lot to talk about with this episode.  Probably the biggest question is why Raphael is trying to stab Castiel when we’ve seen arcangels make him explode with a snap of their fingers.  Is Raphael weakened?  Or was he wanting to savor the kill?

Oh, and seriously?  The circle around Balthazar?  First time Dean did it to Raphael wasn’t that bad.  If you watch the scene closely, you can see him trying to maneuver Raphael into position.  This time?  There’s just no way that should have worked!  I like seeing the boys be all bad-ass but by their own wits and effort, not through freakin’ magic.

Myth wise… not much to say except that it looks like the writers want to do a lot of shout outs to the Old Testament this season.  Probably the biggest reveal is the hint of how much souls are worth and their power.  I’m a little torn as it’s always been a piece of the show mythology I’ve been most interested in but… if they start explaining it too much, there’s going to be way too many plot holes crop up.

All in all I give this episode…

Not bad, not great just o.k.

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