Nate watches Avatar #13-16

Yeah. I know I’m behind on the posting.  Lately my state has been going through a heat wave in the middle of October and my apartment building has the heat turned on.  Why?  Because it’s the law (I swear, every day I find a dozen new reasons to be libertarian).

So I’m tired, miserable, and cranky and WoW (the comfort of slaughter) is downloading a patch.  What to do…


Hey, maybe Avatar (the good one) will comfort me.  Let’s see if the show can break through my anger or push me further over the edge…

Chapter 13: the Blue Spirit
One of the only awesome moments in the Last Airbender movie was Aang fighting alongside a mysterious masked stranger.  So I was not surprised to see the episode this was based on to be every bit (more actually) as awesome!

Let’s get the three complaints I have out of the way first.

  1. Yeah I know his powers are in air, but “running like the wind” seems a bit of stretch – unless he had a sail attached to his back.  As a writer, you should avoid giving your characters excessive speed as it leads to many fridge logic moments (as the character should be able to end any threat before it is a problem).
  2. The hostage scene needed to be dragged out for a couple extra seconds.  It went by too fast.
  3. They should have dropped Katara’s & Sokka’s final scene (used the time for #2).  Leaving their discovery to the viewers’ imaginations would have made it much funnier.

Now, what was great about the episode?  Everything else!

First, the archers were set up well, a perfect blend of showing AND telling   I’ll admit, I thought the idea of sending archers after someone who controls wind was a really dumb idea but if they didn’t pull off the capture in a convincing way.  (the big question is will the archers ever be used again?  hey – they succeeded at their job, it’s not their fault the guy got away)  I like that Katara and Sokka got sick from the previous episode’s storm – continuity!  The action was so good and it was awesome watching the blue spirit kick ass.  The ending was touching too – not over done.  I didn’t like some of Aang’s earlier camera muggings but thankfully that stopped and the humor was well done on the whole.  Excellent episode over all.

14: the Fortuneteller
Platypus bear.

This episode has a platypus bear.

Do I have to say anything else?

Yeah some of the acting mugging was annoying and the episode played a bit with the whole “faith vs science” thing.  Not much, which is a good thing because it came off ironic that an episode that seems to be so in favor of science, I can’t believe they got convection wrong.

But with all that, the episode had:

Platypus bear!

15: Bato of the Water Tribe
Some flaws with this episode (even more mugging from the characters than last time) but definitely awesome over all.  The lady bounty hunter… I can just imagine the fanfics and fan art that’s spread over the internet about her.  It was also awesome to see Uncle Iroh get his “mack on” with the ladies.  If you don’t love him, you clearly have no soul.

Not really a lot to say here, pretty by the numbers with 1 continuity gaffe – but like I’ve said before, even when it does cliche, Avatar (the good one) can do really excellent cliche.

16: the Deserter
The greatness of this episode is its little touches, like seeing the “blue spirit” on the wanted board, Appa trying to hide behind a bush (that was funny) and the return of the buffalo whistle.  Continuity nods like that truly make a series great.

This was definitely another episode that could have benefited from a longer runtime.  I wasn’t pleased with Avatar Roku showing up again to provide a deus ex machina.  I would have preferred the master remain reluctant and Aang earn the right to train.  We could have also used an extra beat when Katara got burned but I did like that we’re bringing back and making use of existing characters (like the admiral).

So all in all I say that this has been the most consistent quality disc I’ve watched so far.  If this keeps up, I’m not sure what else I can talk about other than “hey, watch the show already”.


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