Episode Review – Exile on Main St

Quote of the night: “Golf?  Really?”


So the question on everyone’s minds: Did the show end last season, or can we admit this season to our beloved canon?

Answer: too soon to tell either way.

Of course, after two very strong premieres (seasons 4 & 5 – definitely 2 of the best), any premiere will seem lacking unless God Himself showed up (and even that could suck).  Still, this episode did feel like something was… missing.

Not because the two brothers weren’t on the road – no, the show can mess with that at times and still keep its heart.  The moments where Dean was hunting in the neighborhood, that had a SPN feel. After all, even the SPN:RPG makes allowances for “the hunt at home”, so I don’t think that was it.

I did like the change of the theme to blue and the title’s shattering mirror/glass, that was nice.  Not awesome enough to knock down seasons 1 or 3 title cards for fave but… up there.

And I’ll admit, seeing Dean in a carhart coat is awesome because… my dad owns one just like it. (I can cosplay as domesticated Dean easy!)

No, I think the problem was with the Campbells.

Now it was awesome to see Mitch return as granddaddy – and the revelation that Mary’s family has a history of hunting, was awesome – but the show has never been about a large cast like say… the Star Treks, I think it always works best when things are kept small.  Toward the end of season 5, they were pushing the limit with the brothers, Bobby, Castiel and Crowley all fighting for screentime it started feeling… bloated.  Now we have the brothers… Lisa & Ben… Bobby… Grandpappy… the cousins… (probably Castiel at some point) that’s 9-10 characters crowding the screen.  I’d rather not see any of them dead (especially Lisa & Ben) but we do need to see some of this trimmed.

Lisa and Dean’s scenes were excellent and poignant.  I liked how he’s almost trying to keep the hunting lifestyle from her but you can tell that on her end, he doesn’t have to.  “Guy shows up on your doorstep after saving the world, you expect him to have a few problems” is one of the latest crowning moments of heartwarming – well that and Lisa admitting that she’s been grateful for Ben having a father figure (it’s nice to see father’s positively affirmed again in this show).  On the one hand, there’s just no way for this show to continue with Dean & Lisa (not unless Jensen moved to guest star status) but… darn it, I don’t want to see them part, give the poor guys happy endings for once!

Canon wise… I like them bringing back some old monsters but putting new twists on them.  Yeah it might seem to strain the canon but the world just went through the Apocalypse (kind of), they can get away with a lot of things getting tweaked or changed.  The idea that everything’s new – that old texts, John Winchester’s journal, etc could be useless – in a way that’s kind of terrifying on a different level.  I am interested in seeing how things go from here lorewise.

I’ll admit… the good parts did outweigh the bad tonight.  I’ll give this:

Buckle up everyone.  Lucifer’s locked up again, maybe we’re about to get a monster turf war for new big bad.  Could be fun…


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