Cure for Hellatus – Supernatural Magazine #19

As we countdown with anticipation and trepidation toward the premiere of season 6, they’ve been considerate enough to give us a 100 page special.

Regulars – Standard fare this time around, though there are some treats.  The biggest reveal is that Jensen is going to try his hand at directing next season.  I hope he goes with the Star Trek tradition where any actor directing has their character play a small role in the episode.  All in all, I give this a 3.

J&J Feature – One of the better entries they’ve had in awhile.  Wondering what the boys’ favorite restaurant in Vancouver is?  Curious about how they proposed?  Want to know what happened the first time Jared acted?  It’s all in these 10 pages and some more about season 6 that gives one hope.  The JnJ feature has really been top notch lately, I must give the writers credit.  A well earned 5.


Plotting the Road Ahead – 7 pages talk with Sera Gamble teasing us with what’s coming up.  There’s… not really a lot of meat here except for some talk about what goes on in the writers’ room.  Of course they don’t say much about season 6 – no use spoiling it all – but… it’s such a meandering interview.  Not the best we’ve seen from Sera or the magazine.  I’ll have to give this disappointment a 2.

Soul Survivor – Jim Beaver – As often as uncle Bobby shows up in this magazine, I’m surprised he doesn’t have his own feature by now.  Still this is an excellent 8 page article with probably more on JB than you ever wanted to know.  The poor guy really did go through a lot this last season – including his first make out scene being with a guy.  Poor, poor Bobby.  Let’s face it, Jim is a very talented, awesome guy who improves everything he’s involved in.  A great 5 star article.

The Devil’s Mark – Mark Pellegrino – Now how many magazines can say they got an 8 page interview with the Devil?  Well yes the Bible’s held that title for several millennium but other than that.  Of course Mark did portray one of the best depictions of Satan ever in film so getting some of his take on his work is pretty interesting.  The article starts out slow – with the interviewer sucking up to Mark more than asking questions but once they move into more details about the show and conventions, it really improves.  Between SPN and Lost, Mark may not have long lasting roles, but he definitely has major, memorable ones.  Heck I would love to see him play Scott in an adaption of Nagasaki Moon or any role in any thing really.  A great 4 for this interview and here’s hoping we see a lot more of Mark around Hollywood in the future.

Inside the Mind of Ben Edlund – Being a casual writer myself, I loved this look into the mind of one of SPN’s writers and producers.  This 6 page article made the magazine for me, it’s without a doubt the best part.  After all, how often will dinosaurs get referenced in Supernatural or the magazine?  I won’t spoil the rest, let’s just say this is an excellent 5 shell article.  Though if you’re more interested in other aspects of the show, you might knock another point or two off the score.

Dream Girl – Cindy Sampson – While I will always be a die-hard Dean/Anna shipper, I will admit that Lisa is a very good choice for him as well and compliment Cindy for bringing a character that has such great chemistry with Jensen.  No, you won’t find out in these 5 pages whether Lisa will survive season 6 or not, but here’s hoping she does.  Though it would be funny if she and Ben came along with the brothers, and we got Full-House-on-the-road-fighting-ghosts (if something happened to Lisa and Ben came along, we’d have two-and-a-half-men-in-a-car).  There are some great nuggets in here.  A 4 rank – worth reading

Speak of the Devil – Bob Singer – Not too bad but not a great 7 pages talking with producer/director Bob.  He can’t say much about season 6 and a lot of his review of season 5 is stuff fans probably already know about – though apparently the pestilence scene has made him paranoid about sneezing.  A middle of the road 3.

Adam’s Fall – Jake Abel – Wait… Another interview (8 pages)… another mention of dinosaurs.  Twice in one magazine?  Is this code?  Is this a sign?  Will the brothers visit Jurassic Park in season 6?  Eh, why not?  Oh yeah, and this interview is pretty great, including an explanation that Eric Kripke controls the universe.  Trust me, you need to read it to understand.  My feelings on Adam are mixed, but for Jake?  Solid 5 man – you definitely rock.

Know Your Enemy – A quick rundown of the monsters and foes of the SPN world.  8 pages of a lot of stuff you should already know (and a few inaccuracies), I would recommend this to avid SPN:RPG players.  It might be a little easier to give to players who have “earned knowledge” than what’s in the main or monster book.  I would rank it higher but some of the errors hold me back – so only a 4 for this but subtract a point if you don’t play the RPG.

So what’s the total of this issue?

Fans of the show – pick this issue up, it’s worth it just so you can see the truth about the dinosaur conspiracy.


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