Supernatural RPG (humor edition) 2

After a bit of a dry spell, we have the latest SPN magazine, a new book, the season 4 companion and soundtrack.  Still looking for the soundtrack and just got the other 3 today… so I’m still reading some for later review.

Instead cure for hiatus today will feature another attempt at making fun of SPN using the RPG.

WARNING: Heavy SPN geekery ahead.

GM: Agent Henrikson let’s you two go.
Dean: He’s a friend now?
Sam: Awesome!  If we find Lilith I’m calling him for an air strike.
GM: Uh… after you left, Lilith showed up and killed everyone in the station.
Sam: What?  Why do you keep killing off the NPCs?
GM: Because you keep trying to abuse them.
Dean: That’s not true.  What about Ronald?
GM: You tried to rob the bank he was holding hostage!
Sam: Madison?
GM: You shot her for the XP!
Dean: Ash?
GM: You had him hack a bunch of banks and crashed Wall-street.
Sam: Ellen Harville?
GM: You kept bugging me to go back to her bar and get drunk.
Dean: Anna?
GM: I got tired of you asking what perversions you could put her angel powers too.
Sam: Pamela?
GM: You guys wouldn’t stop calling her for lotto numbers.
Dean: Bela?
GM: Both of you asked me to kill her.
Sam & Dean: Oh yeah.

Bobby: Wait, I have resistance to demon possession.
GM: No you don’t.
: I just picked it up.
GM: But you need a complication for that.
Bobby: I choose necrophilia.
GM: Nope, I’m giving you paralysis.

GM: John, you rolling a new character?
John: Yep, I’m a demigod – the trickster!
GM: …I warned you about- No, that’s ok.  Lucifer has arisen and he’s slaughtering demigods.
John: Oh.  Ummm… I’m actually an archangel too!  I’ve just been pretending to be a demigod.
GM: Goddammit.
Sam: Isn’t that Satan’s line?

GM: Ok, Dean, the crossroads demon appears-
Dean: Let me guess- she’s pale with a rockin’ body covered with a slinky black dress and long black hair.
GM: And red eyes!
Dean: I’m totally hitting that.
Sam: Lucky, I’m still dead.
Dean: I roll to make out- 10!
GM: You succeed, sealing the deal and bringing your brother back to life.
Sam: Sweet!
Dean: I told you the captain Kirk solution always works.
GM: Dean you have a year to live.
Dean: What?
GM: Next time you should try negotiating more before poking the forces of darkness.


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