Random Thoughts 3

I cannot understand the sex appeal of high heels.  Girls wearing them always struck me as more comical than anything, as if a stiff wind will push them over at any moment.

I missed a package from UPS.  They left a note on the door saying they’ll be there tomorrow between 10:30am and 2pm.  Don’t you love helpful things that are of no help at all?

The Drunk Fox and I have set up a blip account and are starting to release videos on it.  We’ve earned a penny.  I am now quitting my job and getting my own island.

Of all the dooms and destruction you hear about nowadays, how come nobody seems to talk about the death of friendship?  Probably because only introverts are noticing it so far…

I actually used “there’s a trope for that” in casual conversation the other day.  They’ve since increased my medication.

There was another explosion in the gulf?  Shit, C’thulu is awake and he’s pissed!

Yes!  Bring back the hat!

So if actions have no role in this whole consent business… are deaf/mute people SOL?

Whenever you hear a doomsday prophecy, everyone always sighs and says “don’t worry, it will all still be here tomorrow.”  Which is true most of the time, but Pompey still erupted, the Roman empire did fall, the Spanish flu killed a lot of people… Eventually bad things do happen.  Do you think we’ll ever be aware of it happening to us?  I really want to have the popcorn ready.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 3

  1. “High heels are fun to wear.”


    I never understood this (and since my GF hates the damn things, I never got a straight answer).

    I know it has something to do with creating the Illusion of longer legs, but riddle me this: are they worth the damaged ankles, sweaty feet, and the burning desire to extinguish all life in your presence like a primeval engine of destruction let loose upon an unsuspecting world by forces too terrible for mortal minds to grasp?

  2. IIRC, high heels make legs look longer and more shapely, and adjust how the woman stands– hips forward, chest lifted and thrust out a bit. She arches backwards a little to keep balance with her heels so far forward.

    I can’t walk in freaking lifts, so I really don’t see the appeal!

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