Cure for Hellatus – Supernatural Magazine #18

I have to say, this is one of the best covers they’ve had in awhile.  “Wanted: Dead or Alive” is plastered in big letters and the whole thing has a wanted poster feel to it.  Pretty cool touch.

Regulars -These were a lot better than usual.  The director interview was with Charles Beeson, who’s directed some of the best episodes of the series.  The episode review is of the Ghostfacers, myth review goes over the 4 horsemen and there’s more than a few nifty tidbits scattered through the rest.  I won’t spoil them but definitely worth checking out for the common fan.  A solid 5 shells.

J&J Feature – This was AWESOME, with some of the best stories ever.  I won’t spoil it (because you should go buy the magazine) but I will say 2 things:
1) quote from Padalecki makes me now have a huge man-crush on him.  “People are like, ‘Uh, I can’t stand getting my picture taken.’  Then don’t wear big sunglasses, drive up in your Bentley, and go to the most popular restaurant in Hollywood!”
2) I quote the following for a friend: [Ackles speaking] “We don’t really get pestered that much here [in Vancouver].”  Even when Twilight: New Moon was filming next door to the Supernatural studios, the level of fan attention didn’t increase significantly.
Yep, we apparently got very VERY close to a genuine SPN/Twi crossover.  If they had a little impromptu session caught on tape between Jensen and Robert… or any pairs of stars really – I would have to invent a new language to express myself.  Still, lots of great stuff, solid 5.


Ghostfacers – A pretty good 7 pages but not a lot to distinguish it from the other GF features, though there’s some new behind-the scene stuff that’s cool.  Can’t ever rate an appearance by Wester and Buckley very low.  I’ll give it a 4.  If you haven’t read anything else on the Ghostfacers, increase the score, otherwise take one off if you’re getting a little tired of it.

Proud Mary – Samantha Smith – Man, how can you not love Mary Winchester in character or out?  Yeah it’s almost comical how often the magazine talks with her (she’s done 6 episodes over 5 seasons… and she died in the first five minutes of the first episode!) but it is a treat.  Nothing spectacular (although her thoughts on the Winchester marriage was heartwarming) but still a treat for 5 pages, a respectable 3.

The Dynamic Duo – So… two of SPN’s writers.  The two that wrote the last comic series.  And the anti-Christ episode.  Is it too late for me to swear a blood vendetta against them?  Wait, they also wrote ‘Yellow Fever‘ and ‘Hammer of the Gods‘?  Two of the best episodes of the show?  And they admit that the antichrist won’t be returning (anytime soon) because he’s so powerful? (but over 6 pages they didn’t apologize for him) Hmmm… I’ll let you guys live – for now, but I’m watching you guys.  Another really bad episode and/or crappy comic book and it’s on (what ‘it’ is to be determined at a later time).  Score of 3.

Supernatural’s Biggest Game-Changers – So what are the top ten most mind-bending moments in SPN?  Well these 6 pages don’t go over the scariest, just the plot twists.  Not a lot to argue with, I would probably pick all of these as the top 10, just change the order a little.  #10 is the “3rd brother” which I might change to something from season 1 or 2 (like the revelation of what killed Mary or John crawling up out of Hell – lots of ’em).  Still, good recap and well argued, I’ll give it a 4.

This issue is a must for hardcore fans, but even a casual fan might get some kicks out of it. If you want to purchase it, amazon has it.  Next time: oooo… the soundtrack is out!  I’ll give it a listen and tell you what tracks work and which don’t.


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