Random Stuff 2

When you get a place of your own remember this rule: KEEP HEADACHE MEDICINE IN AN OBVIOUS, EASY TO REACH PLACE.  The last thing you want is to have to hunt for it when you have a raging migraine.

Libertarians say that the free market (businesses) can do anything better than the government (99.9% true).  Therefore, businesses should fight our wars.  I’ve always wondered if we really want our wars to be “better” and “more efficient”.  I think that was part of the reason for skynet.

Inception got me to thinking… is there any record of fiction/myth/etc before the last few centuries (say the “Modern Age”) where people/characters deceived themselves?  Off the top of my head it was always some external force tricking/deceiving the character, their senses and perceptions were always real.  Now with Inception, the Matrix, etc etc it appears the motif has shifted.  The external is always true and real it’s the sense and perceptions that are not to be trusted.  I wonder what this says about then and now?

Digging through the LotR wiki has reminded me of just how awesome Tolkien was.

You ever made a list of the people you want to see in the afterlife in the order you want to see them?

Some people ask how can there be a heaven with people suffering in hell?  I say, “Mike Nelson, Tom Servo and Crow T Robot will be there to provide color commentary.”

Could facebook et al be the return of rules of dating?  It seems easier now that you can run home and check whether that cute guy/gal you just met is “in a relationship” or “looking for love” or whatever it is kids say nowadays.

Should I put up pay pal donations for those who have read (and enjoyed) my work?  If I do, should I (and writers who do the same) start offering refunds to those who really hate our works?

Cracked.com pointed out here (accurately) that success is 3 things:

* Talent
* Hard Work
* Randomly Meeting the Right People and Not Pissing Them Off

Things like Twilight, Eragon, others… make me wonder if the first 2 are still valid.

Know how to tell if you’ve become a true artist?  You get a bit of pure happiness when you see/hear/etc someone genuinely express enjoyment of something you’ve worked really hard on.  Which is why we love our mamas.


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