Nate watches “Inception”

Very excellent movie.  One you NEED to see in theaters.

Remember how Nolan took the first Batman movie and made the Dark Knight?  Well this is what happens when he gets his hand on the Matrix.

How ever you felt about those two movies before/after will probably tell you how you feel about this latest.

Go see it.  Well worth your money.


In many ways Inception is the ultimate meta film.  The word “inception” in it is designed as the beginning of an idea.  By the end of the movie, you have your own ideas popping up and flowing through.  There’s so much more to be done with the concepts presented.  You almost want this movie to be longer.  You want a tv series (anime style of course), video games (as an MMO), books, fan fics, more, MORE!

A first that I haven’t seen in a long time is that it is also a movie that improves with each viewing.  The first time I was actually going to count Nolan’s emotional efforts against him.  However, once you’ve viewed it once, you can relax on following the details, allowing the movie’s full impact to wash over you.

If there’s any complaint I have, it’s that Nolan still has some issue with large scale action sequences.  If those involved are less than half a dozen, the sequence is stupendous, awesome.  Much more than that, and his scenes start getting confused.

Go see this movie.  Twice.


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