Cure for Hellatus – Supernatural Magazine #17

Issue #17, celebrating the season finale with a 100 page special and lots of goodies.

Regulars – Solid.  The lore even goes over everyone’s favorite: zombies!  Not a lot to go over here, I’ll give it a 4.

J&J feature – Pretty humorous and informative this time, especially when the boys talk about taking their shirts off.  No I’m not giving the fan girls any more info.   This is one of the better 10 page talks with Jared & Jensen I’ve seen in awhile.  I’m giving it a 5 less I spoil something more.


Dr Badass is in! – A 7 page interview with Chad Lindberg, aka Ash?  Sweet!  Hey, if you love SPN, then you love Ash, one of the best characters the show ever made.  The interview going over his experiences with the show and various cons is quite humorous and makes you remember why you were so sad when he died in season 2.  Definitely check it out, Chad makes any scene he’s in a 5.

Mother Courage – 6 pages spent talking with Amy Gumenick are six pages well spent.  I found her talk about the behind-the-scene work (especially the stunts) very interesting and even her wishes as an actor are fascinating.  Of course if you’re not very interested in young Mary and John Winchester, you’ll probably not like this section.  I give it a nostalgic 5.

Rogue Angle – An interview with Julie McNiven that goes on for 7 pages with lots of pictures?  How can I give that a bad grade?  Well her talk over watching her own death scene was fascinating.  We always need more Anna – 5.

Drawing the Sword – Of all the excellent features in this issue, I think this 6 page interview with Matt Cohen (young John Winchester) is one of the best.  He talks a lot about his interests and some of the stunt work for that episode.  Even though I didn’t approve of his lines as Michael, I do think his performance was awesome and enjoyed his discussion of the role.  I think Matt has a lot of potential and would like to see more from him in the future.  A definite 5.

A Supernatural Centennial – An article discussing the party the show held for their 100th episode.  This was my favorite 6 pages (other than Julie) as the talk and recounting of the party is touching and surprisingly entertaining.  A 5 for making me wish I was at that party.

Facing the Future – It’s almost a director’s talk (one of the regular features) but no, this is really an interview with Phil Scriccia about the Ghostfacers spin off.  As you may recall, I gave high praise to the Ghostfacers series and these 7 pages give us a lot of hints as to where the series might go (if it continues) and how it was made.  I really geek out over this stuff and found it (plus the promise of future episodes) fascinating and well worth a 5.

The End is Nigh -6 preview pages (and 1 intro page) of SPN comic #5, Beginning’s End.  Reminder: I hated SPN:BE #5.  Why didn’t the magazine give a preview from #3?  It was a much better story and would have had a more tense cliffhanger.  And since this is ONLY the comic (1 page of author info I don’t count), I have to give it the same score I gave the full comic: 1.

Two Brothers.  Two Writers.  One Novel – For 6 pages we talk about and get to know the writers of the next, upcoming SPN novel.  I love writing and discussing the techniques of writing so this was right up my alley.  Also the “author tidbits” sprinkled through the interview were interesting as well.  David Reed is apparently the “continuity cop” of SPN so now I know who to blame when I catch errors slipping through. XD  However, here’s hoping that with him and Rebecca Dessertine working together, we’ll have a great novel in a few months.  If you don’t like writing, you might appreciate this less but as for me, a definite 5.

War of the Sons: Exclusive Preview – It covers chapter 1 and the prologue.  I… haven’t actually read it yet as I’m not sure if I want to spoil that much before the book comes out (especially if it’s so good I’m tortured waiting for the rest.  So a null score.  If you want to see if the book is your style before picking it up, you know one place you can preview it.

So all in all, what was the score for this issue?

Yeah, I know the comic preview should have dragged the score down but there was just so much good stuff in this issue I’m curving the grade. If you like SPN, pick this one up.


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