Nagasaki Moon

Wow, I can’t believe it was almost a year ago I started this.  But today, I’m declaring the web version of Nagasaki Moon finished.

What is it you ask?

It is a silly book, really.

Ok ok, full background story… is here.  The way I remember it is that it kind of morphed into a bet on whether I could incorporate all the craziest ideas other imps threw out not only into a story, but a decent story.  And… in the end I think I got them all.

So read, enjoy, have fun.  Maybe later I’ll look at converting it into some kind of profit.  Maybe a tip jar, or if it (somehow) becomes popular enough I have plans on adjustments and expansions to convert it to print form.

Well… one step at a time.  But ‘art’ (if you use a loose definition this might apply) is meant to be shared so have fun and above all enjoy.  If it sucks, I apologize and promise I’ll try to do better next time.


4 thoughts on “Nagasaki Moon

    • I largely agree with Furious D.

      I do think her traditional costume has been silly for a lot time but this new look is a bit too much too fast. They should adjust it piecemeal (like the old costume) until we get something worthy of the same fashion choice as Bats and Supes.

      New Gauntlets – Yes.
      Leggings – Not bad but black doesn’t seem to fit WW’s clothing.
      Boots – No. They should keep her traditional boots.
      Jacket – Strikes me as an attempt to do a “cape” motif to bring WW up to Bats & Supes level. While I’ll even admit jackets can be good looking, sexy, practical, all that jazz, this doesn’t suit her or her idiom. If they really want to give her something cape-like, they should have gone with a modified greco-roman robe.
      Chest – Very nice. XD Ok, in all seriousness, the loss of “red, white, blue” does not offend me as having a hero that’s supposed to be a foreign ambassador dress in the flag scheme of the country she’s – uh… – ambassadoring to, never made any sense for me. The red theme isn’t bad (since WW has always been a bit “bloodier” than Bats/Supes) but I don’t like that her W is so undersized.
      Chocker – Umm… considering some of the back story & behind the scene stuff behind WW, I don’t know if this accessory is one giant meta joke on us or what.
      Crown – Also undersized. Needs to bring back the big, almost practical sized one.

      In summary: the new look is good for a new wonder girl/sidekick but for the woman herself? She might need a new costume but this isn’t it. Here’s hoping the gantlets and belt are preserved once the reset happens.

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