Cure for Hellatus – Ghostfacers

A heartwarming, fun and excellent show set in the SPN universe.

Leave it to Kripke & Co to make us laugh and cry at the same time.  With 10 episodes on the web, each 2.5-3 minutes long, all total you have about a full half hour show.  It’s actually an excellent demonstration of character development in writing.  Ed and Harry started out in SPN as fairly one note, punchline characters.  By the end of this series, like many from SPN, they have grown into fully fleshed out people that you enjoy spending time with.

Part of the episode does depend on some canon knowledge.  The whole secret behind the ghost calls back a bit to an episode in season 1.

Excellent, well done, this is one “spin-off” I wouldn’t mind seeing more of and it’s great to watch when you’re waiting for more adventures from Sam & Dean.


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