Cure for Hellatus – Beginning’s End #3 & 4 & 5

Issue 3– Starts out with Dean finding Sam’s headless body then cuts to a flashback.

Ok comic, you have my attention.

Well it turns out that this doesn’t kill Sam, but it does mean his head can still talk.

That’s just plain awesome and funny.  It’s hard not to love an issue that does what the show really should be doing (but is probably restrained by budget) and still be awesome.  But then there’s a misstep soon after.  Talking with an archeologist, the guy tells the boys:

Real archeologists don’t have whips, we don’t wear fedoras and we don’t let small asian children drive us around the streets of Shanghai.  We research, we translate, and when we do excavate a site, it’s done with planning and precision.  Not a gun and a crystal alien skull.

Oi.  If you look in issue 1, this whole series takes place in 2001.  Indiana Jones 4 was released in 2008.  The title for Indy 4 was in no way known in 2001.  Yep, we have a psychic archeologist.

The rest of the issue is just crazy, MotW fun and other than that gross time error, totally awesome, it even ends on a pretty heartwarming note between Sam and John.  All in all, I can’t help but admit this is the best SPN single comic issue I’ve seen. I’m not saying anything else save: if you like SPN, go get this issue!


Issue 4 – Starts out with a reference to “waterboarding” and already I’m hearing alarm bells go off.  We’re not going to get into political overtones here are we?

No we’re not.  The comic is going to invent a whole new way to piss me off.

5th page Sam pulls a gun on John for stealing his hotdog.  Um… ok.  John then pulls a gun on Sam.

Page 6: John.  Shoots.  Sam.

John Winchester shoots Sam Winchester in the shoulder.

No!  No!  Bad comic book!  You go in the corner and think about what you’ve done!

Seriously, we expect to believe that John Winchester, the man who sold his soul to a demon to save Dean’s life, who crawled out of hell to save both of his sons again, who had a heartwarming hug with Sam last issue, he shot Sam?  Who was even referenced as “his favorite”?  BULL-SHIT.  No way, that is just out and out character derailment right there.  I might believe John pulling a gun on his boys as a training exercise.  I might believe John even firing a gun at them that had blanks, but never, NEVER actually shooting live ammo at either of his boys.  John wasted one of the Colt’s original precious bullets (before there was any hope more could be made) just to kill a lowly vampire who was holding Sam hostage.

The rest of the issue is a bit of a transition with the main plot of this comic series and some character development of the boys but after butchering John do you even care?  My only regret is that I can’t put up a video of me burning this issue.


Issue 5 – For all of its faults, issue 4 at least ended with a cliffhanger that promised an interesting case of “whodunnit” with the usual SPN twist (i.e. making you wonder if shapeshifters are involved, etc).  This issue opens up with… spoiling that mystery.  Instead the “bad hunter” (why is there one in every SPN comic series?) beating up John and choking him to death.  Except we know John doesn’t die, so we’re wondering how he survives.

Oh, turns out he was only mostly dead and another character brings him back with CPR.

I’m.  Not.  Kidding.

This is followed with Sam being kidnapped and John and Dean storming a literal castle (somewhere in New York).  Again, in a comic series, we have John Winchester taking out a bunch of human hunters.

I wasn’t happy with it that much the last time and not enjoying it now.  Oh, and the end of this issue?  The villain that’s been chased for the previous 4 issues has Sam sitting in front of a gate to hell.

Ok, some things I could excuse in the earlier comics because Sam & Dean were so young.  But this?  It’s right around the time Sam got his acceptance letter to Stanford!  How does he not remember this?  Yet he’s surprised and shocked about his “destiny” in the show?  He has to have Ellen explain what a devil’s gate is? (when he’s seen one)  Gah!  Straining… continuity…

Seriously, the MotW issue was so well done… why couldn’t this series just keep up with that instead of being another “myth arc” one?  It doesn’t work well with prequels!


Conclusion: If you need a SPN fix, get issue 3 and avoid the rest.


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