Cure for Hellatus – #16 Supernatural Magazine

Another week without new episodes, another desperate search for something to fill the void.  To the SPN magazine!

Regulars – Another week of solid performance but nothing exceptional.   The werewolves feature was pretty good but the episode recap had no relation to any of the special articles that I could find (and usually they throw in an episode that say… an interviewing guest star was in, or something).  As always, such a performance earns a 3.

J&… ? Feature – Sam lovers rejoice!  Since last issue was a solo run for Jensen, this issue they give Jared his due and focus on him (but Jensen is on the “special” cover of this issue which makes no sense).  Not a bad piece, while I would rank Jensen as slightly better than Jared acting wise (note: just slightly) he is growing an improving with every season.  Fangirls rejoice, you get 10 whole pages of Sammy.  I’ll give ’em a 4.


A Hero’s End – Samantha Ferris – Samantha is just awesome and it was nice of the magazine to give her and Alona a sort of “send off” this issue.  The 6 page interview is pretty good and you get a real sense of the energy and strength that Samantha must have as a person which she brings to the role of Ellen.  The story of her learning of her last episode and this season all together is nearly worth the price of the magazine alone.  5 score easy.

Hey Jo – Alona Tal – Of course the lovely Alona Tal gets her send off as well but… it’s only 2 pages, nearly an insert in the Samantha article.  Not bad, part of me almost wonders why they just didn’t combine the 2 articles into 1 feature but then I’m a book guy, not a magazine guy.  Pretty good but not enough to draw this bit into greatness.  A high 3.

Carving a Niche – Jeremy Carver – Now as a casual writer (in case all my “fix fics” weren’t a clue, this was one I was greatly interested in, a 6 page detailed article with one of the writers.  As with other behind the scene technical stuff, this score depends on your taste.  Those not that interested in writing (or just J. Carver in general, I hear some SPN fans pick out favorite writers), then subtract a few points from my high score of 5.

Unholy War – An interview with the writer of the latest SPN novel which I reviewed last week.  I didn’t read this article before the book and… well on the one hand, these 4 pages contain some heavy spoilers for the book, spoilers which could ruin some of the surprises and fun in it.  On the other hand… some things do make better sense now that I’ve read this, which I have to say counts against the book.  But this isn’t about that book but about an interview with the author, Joe Schreiber.  Again, as another casual writing geek, I quite enjoyed this and hearing another author go over the craft (but limited so he doesn’t ramble on like we have a tendency to do… oh wait) is always a treat.  He mentions another idea he has for another SPN novel and let’s just say… Joe, I would love to read that novel.  Improve on a few things from your first SPN one and it would be brilliant.  Assuming it isn’t turned into an episode because it is that cool.  So, article wise, this ranks as an awesome 5.

L’il Devil – Gattlin Griffith – Another tough article, these 4 pages talk with the kid who played the anti-Christ, which, if you’ve kept up with my review for the last season, was one of my least favorite episodes.  But this isn’t about the episode… this is about the article about the actor.  I’ll admit, Gattlin did a pretty good job as a child actor and I wish him great luck in future endeavors.  Certainly after this interview I held nothing against him, any faults with the episode rest on the writers and the makers, not him.  Not bad, I’d give it around a 4.

The Devil’s in the Details – Now this is great: more or less a complete trivia breakdown of the show over 9 whole pages.  Some of these I already knew, but some were a surprise.  If you really want to battle with someone over SPN trivia, you need to make memorizing this article a priority.  Plus, I’m a sucker for little touches and jokes like these so I can’t help but enjoy it immensely.  Solid 5.

All in all, I didn’t remember this issue as well as the last one, but it was pretty good even still.

A high 4 with a bit of a curve up or down depending on your personal tastes.  Unless you really hate Sam or writers, pick this issue up should the summer hiatus be killing you.


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