Place your bets

I almost did a “countdown” this week for the SPN finale but realized that all the stuff I had for dealing with Hiatus should probably be saved for the summer break (first up, a week from Thursday, will be the latest SPN paperback).

So let’s place our bets* on what will happen tomorrow night… (note that I avoid spoilers so some of this might be already answered but otherwise all calculations are based just on where the show’s been going and past patterns)

  • Sam becomes Lucifer 1:1 – This will be happening, the only real question is when.  With some of the loose ends the show has to address, I’m giving 4:1 odds that we’ll see Sam transform at the halfway mark, with a 2:1 odds that the episode will start off with Sam as Lucifer only to then go into a flashback as to how he got that way (which we’ll see the transformation actually happen at 30 min in).
  • Adam showing up as Michael? 1:1
  • Dean become Michael?  I’m putting it at… 10:1 against.  However, family is the “weakness” of the Winchesters so there is an excellent chance that Dean will see Sam fail, Adam fighting him, and demand to be Michael’s vessel in order to save both of his brothers.
  • The plan working? 1,000:1 against (almost the odds of it working in the show).  About the one thing we should know about Kripke & Co is that whenever there is a hope going into the last episode, it won’t be happening (season 1: shooting Azazel, 3: saving Dean, 4: keeping Lucifer sealed).
  • Crowley NOT releasing Bobby’s soul? 1:1  Really, if you expect a demon to keep his word, you deserve what you get (I’m surprised Bobby didn’t phrase it so he gets his soul back).
  • Hook for season 6?  Saving Bobby’s soul seems likely right now, but they did that once already, I’m putting it as 6:1 against.  Something to do with God… if they decide to keep escalating seasons, it’s the only direction left.  I really don’t want them to but the odds on this are 1:2.  Cleaning up the world in the aftermath of the Apocalypse?  The show’s been shoddy on follow up this season so probably 1:40.  Post your own theories and we’ll figure out what’s the chances of it.
  • God appearing?  I’m actually saying, right now, that there are 1:2 odds that God is going to appear tomorrow.  The real bet is who is He going to appear as?  Bruce Campbell 1:50, Eric Kripke 1:10, Jeffery Dean Morgan 1:2.

So what are you betting happens tomorrow night?

*I have no idea how odds and betting works so this will probably be very comical to those who do.


3 thoughts on “Place your bets

  1. Sam becomes Lucifer because Sam always does the wrong thing in the show. They somehow get out of the bind they’re in by killing off Adam somehow – whether it’s Adam becoming Michael, or taking over from Dean being Michael and dying. Sam dies and is resurrected because they need him for season six. Either the resurrection happens this episode or next year.

    Crowley will not prove to be untrustworthy, because he doesn’t have a vagina.

    Dean always does the right thing in the show, so he’ll either be forced into the Michael role in some way or resist it entirely and save the day.

    But I could be wrong. I hope they surprise me!

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