Episode Review – Two Minutes to Midnight

So as we can see, this episode was far superior to Avatar and I’d like to take the next few minutes to compare and contrast all the ways this one hour show succeeds where the movie fails.



Nah I’m kidding. XD (my Dad taught me how to turn someone else’s whining into a painful, long-running joke – usually I was the subject of that joke)

Quote of the Night: “This time next thursday, we’ll all be living in zombieland.”

Another excellent “bridge” episode, we finally have things moving, character studies, all that jazz.  I was most thrilled that we were finally given an explanation for why the demon blood is still bad for Sam.  Seriously, they couldn’t give it to us sooner? (thus making his fall to famine more stressful)

The segment with death was well shot, and the actor playing him did quite well.  Though I of course don’t approve of the implication of “you’ll reap God” because that was the point of Jesus’ sacrifice: defeating Death.  Ah well… I’ll let it slide.

I was a little sad at the change in the Croatoan virus. Before I thought it was especially insidious because you never had any warning or indication whether someone was infected. Now infected people are just like every other rage virus victims. At least this time we have a good explanation about why the mindless hordes are so well coordinated.

I was especially glad we finally got some explanation about Castiel, that being disconnected from Heaven he has a “battery” of power. I only wish we had been introduced (or at least, confirmed) this plot point much earlier in the show, it would have added more depth to a lot of his scenes and explained a lot. i.e. “I’m coming to get both of you.” “Cas don’t! We can get out of this, save your energy!” And so on. That does bring up the question of Satan. Is it possible for him to run out of power? (especially since he’s been disconnected for so long, on the other hand, he hasn’t done much) Do archangels have batteries that much larger or do they possess generators? I don’t mind the angel stuff being mysterious (especially because going into too many details leaves you open for plot holes) but at least some hints and clues as to what the rules are would be nice. Or I should say, hints and clues much earlier in the season.

Part of me is still annoyed that we have had two weeks now of heavily compressed storytelling when the show should have spread out and been doing a lot of this since the winter hiatus.  Another part wonders why they are so stuck on the “Sam throws himself in” plot.  They did the “godzilla & mothra” plan once before, why not again?  Get Michael and Lucifer together and then shove him in while he’s distracted.  Also, so Michael is riding around in Adam now.  Is he going to have the same problem that Lucifer has been having?  I’m still curious what happens if one gets his true vessel and the other doesn’t.

While I do love Mark Sheppard’s role, Crowley does annoy me in the way they’ve been using him as “plot nitro” lately.  Yes I would find it more acceptable if it was the Trickster helping them.  Or if we had seen the boys use the hunter town or a network of friends to hunt all this down.  An entire season build up and they still have to resort to deus ex demonica to get the characters where they need to be?  C’mon guys, script a little tighter.

I guess that’s what has bugged me about the 2nd half of this season.  The guys used to be fairly pro active – working hard to get their own victories (especially in seasons 2 & 3 if you ask me), now they’re just yanked around from one point to another.  I know part of that is kind of the story but it’s still frustrating.

Still, it’s a wrap up next week before on to season 6.  Here’s hoping we get a return to what made us love this show.  To quote Dean: “Hunting things, saving people, the family business.  …Let’s go kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell.”


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