Episode Review – the Devil You Know

Once again, I am screaming at my screen that this was the show we should have been getting for weeks now.  Great to finally see Sam step and show us what might tempt him, character growth… all that jazz.

Of course, without the trickster we’re now left without charming guest stars…

Hi Crowley!  Mark Sheppard, I can’t express how great it is to have you back and to see you lighting up the screen.  Not a lot of outstanding lines tonight but I will give the quote of the episode to Crowley, “The ATE my tailor!” (I think that’s what he said).

All in all… quite an acceptable episode, though I keep wanting to scream, “where’s the bloody colt already”?  Interesting too to see Crowley offering an irresistible deal to Bobby.  I wonder if the hook for season 6 will be getting Bobby off the hook (I hope not, just 1 season of MotW, give it to us!).

Did like the “fighting hell hounds” bit.  Yeah it was a sort of “cheap” effect but watching the scene play out was worth it.  I don’t need excellent effects to enjoy myself (I’m a Kaiju fan after all).

Part of me wonders… if Dean sold his soul to Crowley, what would happen?

Not a lot to say about this episode.  Decent, all around well done.  Nothing exceptional (even Mark’s efforts) pushes this over the 3 shell mark.


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