Episode Review – Hammer of the Gods

Picking the best line out of a Trickster episode is like trying to choose your favorite blade of grass – lots of choices.  Still, I have to go with a pick from the very excellent scene between Gabby and Luci,

“Daddy was mean to me so I’m going to smash all of his toys.”

When I saw the trailer for last week’s episode, I thought this was going to be another fairly poor MotW outing (like many of them have been since Abandon All Hope).  However, I turned out to be delightfully surprised as SPN #101 was both a Monster of the Week AND a myth arc episode.  In truth, this is the kind of show I’ve been waiting for since the mid season break, and why I’ve been so hard on it lately: because I know the show can do better.

My only real disappointment was that Odin didn’t have an eye-patch but otherwise everything else was near perfect.  The ‘gods’ arguing over their own respective religions was hilarious.  The show was also willing to admit what others try not to: Christianity “took over” the world because it was better than paganism; it won via natural selection (and maybe hunters helped out a little too ;)).

Lucifer was again done better than I’ve seen a lot of devils.  The show was starting to suffer from “weak antagonist” syndrome (where the villain, not seen enough, starts seeming like a joke) so having him show up and promptly wipe the floor (in some cases literally) of the “old gods” was a great moment – and I’m sure you could get a whole doctrinal thesis out of the meta from that scene alone.

Still, gotta love Gabriel and actually showing us him using his archangel powers to blend in was awesome.  It’s been an old Christian theory that the pagan gods of old were demons and deceptions created by Lucifer to lead humanity astray and that felt like a small shout out to that (though having Lucifer say, “I’ve let you exist too long.” would have been nice).  Part of me wonders if Gabriel could have also torn the pagan gods down but didn’t because of sentimentality.  Could have done without Dean’s line about them being family – I mean he is planning on killing them all himself when he’s done.

All this just makes me a bit sad we’re not getting at least an idea on how other monsters are going to fare under Lucifer.  Sure shapeshifters, wendigos, werewolves and vampires might not do well since they’re fundamentally human, but what about the rest?  Is Lucifer going to wipe out everything else too?  So he doesn’t like the gods (weird, you think some of them would talk about joining him), but does that apply to ghouls or changelings or strigas or wraiths or whatever?

It was also nice to finally get a better idea on what exactly the angel-killing swords are and also a hint as to another possible solution for the season (and one that doesn’t feel like an ass-pull).  Tightly plotted and perfectly edited (hinting at gore more than showing it), this was probably the best episode since Abandon All Hope.  This is the show we SHOULD have been having since the second half of the season.

3 episodes left. Don’t let us down guys.


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