Episode Review – Point of No Return

Yay!  Supernatural’s 100th episode where… they finally advanced the plot and characters like they SHOULD have been doing for the last half dozen episodes.

Ok ok, I actually kind of enjoyed this.  At first I thought I would be pissed with the show “revealing” the episode’s twist too early – showing us flashbacks to the 3rd Winchester and sticking Jake Abel’s name in the opening credits, gee what could be happening?

Oh, he shows up in the first 10 minutes – that’s alright then.  It does make one wonder, why all the destruction around Adam’s and Dean’s graves but the hotel where Sam & Dean resurrected in two episodes ago still stood?  Eh, maybe it has to do with how much is needed to “fix” someone’s body.  Still, we could use a lampshade hanging on this.

Then we get to see Castiel kick ass and… dammit SPN!  Usually you’ve been pretty good about the rules of your universe and angels always had to be killed from the back of the neck.  Now it’s just a fatal wound with… something?  Is it silver?  Any knife?  A special design?  I was never completely happy with Ruby’s knife but at least we got some explanations on it – can we get something on these?  And I mean… why can’t Sam and Dean have stabbed Lucifer with them when they shot the Colt?  Are archangels immune to those knives?  Remember this kids: you’ll lose the audience’s tension if you don’t keep the ground rules clear.  Otherwise the characters’ inability to do [simple solution] will keep dragging people out of it.

I was also bugged that Dean had to ask about the angels’ plan for Adam.  He had a freakin’ conversation with Michael IN HIS FATHER’S BODY – DEAN SHOULD KNOW THIS (heck, he should have been the first to realize it).

So I hated this episode, right?  Actually… no.

Jake Abel (hm… two biblical names, seems appropriate) did do a good job and I like a lot of his interaction with the other two.  It was also nice to FINALLY have the character discussing what they should have been for weeks now.  I was hoping Adam’s presence would give us a chance to finally state why Michael getting a vessel is so bad (at least as bad as Satan apparently) and… not really.  See, one of the reasons I wrote my fix for Mike’s & Dean’s scene was to give Dean a clearer motivation.  He essentially defied his father’s order about Sam, to become Michael would be a confession that he screwed up, that Sam should have stayed dead or been killed.  At least we sort of got that toward the end.

It was also nice seeing the angels finally thinking a little outside of the box.  Bringing back Adam is probably a big clue – why not bring back John Winchester?  He’s said yes to Michael before, we know he’d do it to spare his boy and he kicks so much ass he could probably beat Satan on his own and Michael would just make it embarrassing.  Watch for his MIA this episode to turn out important…  Still, Satan was able to borrow a body from someone that must be related to Sam so why can’t Michael find someone related to Dean to borrow?  I’m going to assume it’s because he’s just too damn awesome.

The line from Dean about the “ready room” being on Jupiter, or a blade of grass did make me laugh.  At least Zach is finally gone.  I mean, I loved Kurt Fuller’s role but it was starting to become Flanderized.  I’m glad to see him go before it got too out of hand.  I’m also guessing that now we’ll start seeing Jake Abel take up the “angel villain” role and hopefully Mark Pellegrino will get some time off from Lost’s final season to show up more for SPN (going from a show filming in Hawaii to one in Vancouver, Canada – tough choice I’m sure).

So let’s see here… -1 score for the continuity screw-ups and -0.5 for still avoiding some of the tougher questions.  But it was a heavy continuity show (+1), had some great parts (+0.5) and finally moved the plot (+0.5).


Not bad… we’ve got 5 episodes left here so bring the A game, Kripke!


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