Cure for Hellatus – Beginning’s End #2

So the first issue didn’t get a very high grade, how does issue 2 stand?

#2 starts out with Sam looking to buy a bus pass.  Unable to make it to San Jose, he walks out into the rain and runs into a redheaded girl who just mugged a guy.  Well… I’m always in favor of more redheads so this issue is looking up by page 2!

The girl leads Sam down (literally, it’s underground) to a sort of slum town where drifters and others have made a bit of a community.  Turns out though, there’s something underground making trouble from them and they’re hoping Sam will help them out.  After all, does hunting say it covers only one class?  Nope.  So he ends up going on a solo hunt… or is it?

Well I won’t spoil it, needless to say this issue is much improved by doing what SPN does best: using monsters to work out family issues.  There’s no big canon violations or illogical moments either so… all total I’m giving this a ranking of:

It’s pretty good overall but nothing you have to pick up.  So far I’d say start the series with this issue and enjoy it if you need your SPN quick fix.


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