Episode Review – My Bloody Valentine

My feelings toward sex in TV/Movies is the same as the ones toward eating and visiting the bathroom.  I know people do that stuff.  If the characters I’m watching are people, then I know they do it too.  I don’t need to watch it.  If I want to watch people fuck or eat or crap, I can go on the internet and see more of it than I’ll ever want to.  Law of Conservation of Detail: Only show me what I need to know.  If the scene doesn’t reveal important plot points, character development or humor, just hint at it and move along.

So of course, this episode is personally not a favorite.  The opening ran about a minute too long.  I got the gist of what was happening to the couple early, we could have cut away.  (The sounds probably made it even worse.  Eating someone isn’t going to sound like biting into an apple.)

But what about the canon from the show?  At first I was hoping the episode was going to play a sly meta joke naming itself My Bloody Valentine (which was the title of a movie Jensen did recently) but have the episode focus on Sam.  Alas, about halfway through the makers chicken out and focus on Dean.  True, we Dean/Anna shippers get some fuel (right after her betrayal and death, he doesn’t feel like going out bar trawling) but we’re starting to pass the point where we need to have more things about Sam explained.

For instance, why is the demon blood such a big deal?  Not that he still wants it, but why fight it as much?  Before we got a final answer: the blood was giving him the strength to break the final seal.  Now that it’s broken, why is it still bad for him?  It helped him defeat the big bad this week.  Will it make him more susceptible to Satan?  Show us Kripke!

I did like the little play on monsters this time, that one was just doing a regular, not evil job and it was the presence of another monster that was causing the trouble.  I am disappointed in the horseman though.  Not Famine himself, he was pretty good, but the way they played him.  In War’s appearance, it struck me that the ring on his hand was a sort of “totem” which he created when he took the form of that guy.  I hoped from there the show would have each horseman appearance be an investigation race to determine what “totem” the horseman was using and destroy it.  Nope!  It’s all about rings.  Also, if they need Famine to be ‘fed’ before heading out to “march across the land”… why not just feed him demons?  Lucifer sacrificed demons easily to summon Death.  Why not just offer up a few dozen or so demons to prepare Famine?

On a technical side, there was a lot of great things about this episode. Well acted, freaky special effects, etc. But even setting my personal tastes aside, I just can’t give this episode that high of a rating with the shoddy canon work in it. Still, if you want to see the episode for yourself


2 thoughts on “Episode Review – My Bloody Valentine

  1. I have to agree that there are times when TV/Movies push the limits why to far with sex or even gore for that matter. However, it’s going to keep happening as long as the ratings stay up.

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