Cure for Hellatus – Beginning’s End #1

Hurray!  Supernatural returns this Thursday.  Man, if only there was some way I could pass the time in the 3 days between now and then…

What’s that you say?  New Supernatural comic series?  Yippee!

Continuing in the proud tradition of each comic series being a few years after the last one, “Beginning’s End” picks up with the boys almost grown.  In fact, in issue 1 we even see Sam with an acceptance letter to Stanford, meaning this series should take us straight to the show’s first episode.

Anyway, after some bit with family where the boys argue in the car to the point of John yelling at them, the Winchester head to Long Island, New York.  Not a bad pick, certainly DeCandido’s Nevermore was in the Big Apple and was quite a good tale.

At least until we get to Cox.  An old hunting buddy of John’s who has moved to New York and has 2 dozen hunters under his command keeping the town clean.  Which is a cool idea and would make for a decent spin off series.  He mentions how New York is their battle ground and,

We’ve got EMF meters wired up all across the city.  Some spirit makes a move, we know about it.  The subway tunnels are lined with devil’s traps in case a demon hops a train.. …and every morning two of my guys bless the Hudson and East rivers.  The entire island of Manhattan’s surrounded by holy water.

Yeah… 2 problems there.

  1. As demonstrated in the episode Sin City, devil’s traps act like an invisible wall, keeping demons in.  So, if a demon is riding on a train and the train passes under a trap, the demon suddenly can’t move forward even though it’s on a vehicle which still is.  Yep, a heck of a conspicuous mess will result there (and probably damage the train too).
  2. But blessing the rivers has got to be one of the worst ideas.  Don’t know if you’ve noticed this but rivers have a tendency to move.  Since the show has demonstrated that you usually leave a rosary in water you want to make holy, you run into the issue of “how far does holy water go”?  Is it a certain radius from the rosary?  If so, then the section of holy water in the river should be washed out into the ocean within hours (if not less).  Are there any limits to it?  If not, then you just made the entire ocean holy water (though probably not necessary since it’s so salty).  In either case, either the holy water isn’t lasting long enough to do any good, or you don’t need to do it every day.

Anyway, the Winchesters and Cox’s team (I keep imagining it’s the Scrubs cast being lead by Dr Cox) head to a warehouse to track down a naga with a lead.  During the course of the hunt it gets shot and… yep, there’s a question about whether it needed to die or not.  Which means we’re back on track with the comics wrestling with overzealous hunters.

Dammit!  We had this already with the last series, why are we doing it all over again?  Can’t whoever is making these SPN comics come up with something original?  Close with Sam & John fighting (Sam gets slapped when he says something bad about Mary) and I get a bad feeling this will all be more of the same.

Ugh, not horrid enough to be 1 shell, but I’m giving this a 1 & a half score.  Avoid issue 1 unless you’re a super rabid fan with issues.



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