Season 6 talk

As you may or may not have heard, Supernatural has been confirmed for a sixth season.  So looks like this won’t be the last season after all.  Is this a good thing or bad thing?  I invited Sephina along once again to chat about this.
NW – Hello and welcome again Sephina.  Here for a quick talk on the announcement of a sixth season of Supernatural.
seph – Thank you 🙂
NW – First let me say, congrats on writing one of the single greatest works of literature of all time.
seph – It was a long haul, Nate. Sometimes I wondered if I would ever get it done. But now it’s finished, I can retire in peace.
NW – Does this mean both of your adoring fans will lack a sequel?
seph – a sequel is in the works. But it may take at least seven years of scripting and production.
NW – I guess we can’t hold our breaths for it then.  Any general thoughts on season 5 up to the current break?
seph – General thoughts. Well, taken alone the episodes have been outstanding on a whole. But the mytharc seems to be circling the drain – I say that as a fan.
NW – Well I have read some spoilers about what’s coming up but to avoid that… I take it I’m not alone in hoping the myth arcs do NOT continue in season 6?
seph – I’m hoping that as well, but I’m not sure whether they can untangle themselves from it all. I’ve never seen a show do that. But it might happen!
NW – What would be your “wishlist” for season 6? (excluding 22 episodes of Jeffery Dean Morgan, shirtless and killing things)
seph – Wow, you’ve taken my one wish! Um. Less angelic/heavenly interference, it takes away from the feeling of the show. More minor monsters. Cthulhu.
NW – Well they can only fight Cthulhu if John comes back from the dead.  I too am hoping that season 6 is nothing but 22 Monster of the Week episodes, perhaps with some examination of what happens after Satan loses/wins.
seph – Yes. What I DON’T want is to drag out the apocalypse for another season, in any way. It’s already been what, two seasons?
NW – 1 season of prep, 1 season of execution.
seph – I’ve got it. I want Lucifer to have been the decoy, and at the end of season five he releases the REAL bad guys – the Elder Gods.
NW – Or the boys go take on an evil law firm and show Angel how it’s done.
seph – hahah. That could work.
NW – I’ve forgot to ask you: I know he’s no JDM, but what did you think about the young John Winchester?
seph – Although I didn’t like the plotline much, I was impressed with him, to tell the truth. He did angel possession really well. My personal fan theory now is that the ordeal somehow permanently lowered his voice.
NW – Well admit it, Michael is about the only angel as badass as John so of course they’d rub off on each other.
seph – Totally. Michael would be like “Somehow I feel more hardcore today.”
NW – There is one more good point about season 6: another year to try and get Bruce Campbell on the show.  Who are you hoping shows up before the show closes?
seph – I’ve been hoping for a Bruce appearance as well. And I already got my other big wish – Emily Perkins. But I’d love to see some more BSG actors 🙂 Even though they’re not in Canada anymore.
NW – Here’s hoping the sixth season is the last.  I don’t want this awesome show suffering from Smallville syndrome.  Also, Jared & Jensen are awesome actors, I’d hate to see them stuck in TV land forever.
seph – You’re right on both counts. I was actually hoping it would end at Season 5 for just that reason. I’ve seen too many shows keep going way past their prime.
NW – MASH, Smallville, InuYasha now you give some examples.
seph – The X Files. Battlestar Galactica. Buffy.
NW – Jabootu yes!  Buffy went way past the end point twice!
seph – Plus the creator stopped being involved. Which doesn’t bode well for SPN.
NW – I meant to ask you.  In your SPN cracked article you really gave Eric Kripke a hard time.  Seriously now, you think the show will worsen or improve without him? (after all, Star Trek:TNG improved when Gene was kicked upstairs)
seph – Okay, for a start, I really do regret being so harsh in that Cracked article. I kind of wrote it in a ‘private joke’ mindset where I assumed everyone would see that since we knew so much detail about the show, we really loved it deep down. But I don’t think it came out that way.
NW – Well I certainly laughed at some of your jokes (though I felt bad because I’m even shorter than Jensen =( ).
seph – Haha, that was meant to be the joke. That he’s actually quite tall! So the joke was that the people writing the article didn’t realize that he only looks short next to Jared. But like I said, I don’t think it came out right. (I’m only 5’8 myself)
NW – Though, with the prophet Chuck – an Author Avatar – it sometimes seems like Kripke read your article and started using himself as a punchline.
seph – If he did, I hope he wasn’t hurt! I really love the show.
NW – I should add.  Anyone noticing that “My Bloody Valentine” is missing a review on my blog… I have it queued up, I just need to watch the episode again and don’t feel like it.
seph – You weren’t a fan?
NW – No, parts I liked and some parts I didn’t.  The sounds were probably the worse (hint: if you eat someone, it won’t sound like an apple).
seph – Haha. Well, gunshots don’t sound like explosions either. And people’s faces don’t make that noise when you punch them.
NW – True, but those aren’t as disgusting.
seph – Yeah, true 🙂 I probably feel better because I didn’t actually watch that bit. All up, there’s probably about 20 minutes of footage in SPN that I haven’t seen because I was covering my eyes.
NW – So, any bets on the rest of the season?  Satan win/lose?  Think season 6 will be Sam/Satan fighting Dean/Michael?
seph – I hope not. I really don’t care for how they portray angel battles. Angels aren’t humans 🙂 But one thing I like about the show is that you’re never sure who will win or lose. In seasons 1, 3 and 4, they lost pretty epically.
NW – So at the end of season 5, I trust we’ll see you back here?
seph – Sure thing. As long as the finale doesn’t piss me off too bad 🙂
NW – Agreed.  I’d hate to have to pawn my DVDs.
seph – I’d have to change my ringtone and everything. At least I didn’t get a tattoo.

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