Cure for Hellatus – #15 Supernatural Magazine

This, is a great issue.  I would recommend fans pick it up immediately.

Regulars – Not too bad.  The episode review is on one of my favorites, Tall Tales and it contains some neat tidbits you might have missed watching the show.  The monster outline is on witches though, which is always a religious minefield.  Otherwise I’ll give this a… 4.

J&.. ? Feature – Well this is different.  Instead of the regular talk on Jared & Jensen, it’s Jensen all by himself this issue (fret not, Jared gets his spotlight next issue apparently).  This is a pretty fascinating article.  For instance, did you know that in No Rest for the Wicked, the Kripke made Jensen sing off key?  And you wonder if he read Seph’s SPN article on cracked when he says, “It would’ve been nice to have another brother to share the load with!  Let’s get some more Winchesters on the show!  Add a sister!  Although, women don’t last long on our show…”  He also expresses a desire to return to MotW episodes, which should thrill a lot of fans.  I admit, if season 6 consists of nothing but MotW episodes, I’ll be happy.  Over all, give this entertaining read a 5.


Trick or Treat – Richard Speight Jr – The Trickster remains one of my favorite “monsters” from the show.  As such, this 6 page interview with the actor portraying him is awesome.  I was disappointed that he missed 1 thing about his own character.  Richard says that the trickster “actually kills [only] assholes”.  One thing I loved about his first episode, was that the only people he killed had a chance to escape their fate.  He only killed people who did not choose rightly. (the only person who had no choice in the matter wasn’t killed, only humiliated)  I was also interested to learn that he didn’t audition, but was offered the role outright from Bob Singer (producer).  Kudos Bob, on a most excellent pick.  Good interview, worth a 5.

He is the Prophet Chuck! – Rob Benedict – And next up is one of my favorite allies of the Winchesters.  As a casual author, sometimes I feel like I sympathize with Chuck (though I am not a prophet – as far as I know of – yet).  This 6 page interview is great and Rob relating being covered with Castiel is almost worth the price of the magazine alone.  Also, did you know he has a band?  Now you do.  Go check it out while you read this 5 pointer.

Season Five Set Report -This is the only low point of the magazine.  Normally I love 7 pages of behind the scenes data but most of these pages are pictures.  The actual juicy bits could fit on 2 pages easy.  The magazine editors were clearly trying to stretch out to fill space here.  Normally I wouldn’t count that against them but the format highlights that they could have put in so much more…  Sorry guys, I have to give this a 3.

Deal or no Deal – Mark Sheppard – It is to my everlasting shame that I knew Crowley was familiar, but didn’t remember that he was Badger from the awesome show Firefly until this article.  6 pages of probably one of the most serious actors they’ve interviewed since Jim Beaver (aka Bobby Singer).  He takes his work, craft, the art seriously, but not to the overblown pretentiousness of some (overrated) actors of today.  I have even greater respect for him after this and hope he gets more recognition in the future.  One can almost hear the laughter between him and Nicholas Knight during this interview.  It is very well done, a solid 5.

The Road Crew – If I could never be a writer or actor in tinseltown, this 7 page interview with the road crew has convinced me of what my next goal would be.  These guys are very no-nonsense (remind me a lot of my dad, in fact) and the interview itself comes off as if they were already on the road while doing it or just about to hit the pavement.  Like all behind-the-scene details, your ranking of this depends on your taste, so subtract one or two points if the cars etc of the show don’t interest you.  Otherwise, a solid 5 to Mark Gould and his crew.

I don’t have to do my regular calculations this week.  I already know this issue is a solid:

If you’re needing a fix until new episodes return, pick up this issue and get a dose.


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