603 – Continuing the adventures of Captain Something

I know what I promised but I thought after all the flap over the last issue I should review the next just to see how things were going.

Thankfully issue 603 moved away from being politically “relevant” and sits itself right in the middle of comic-land.  It’s mostly all fighting and Bucky’s plan going south.  In some ways this issue makes the last even more insulting because you could have removed the 3 offending pages from 602 and not have this one affected at all.

The Writing Sucks

Let me take a moment and talk about this issue and just the general flaws in this story.  The first and most obvious being: how do the watchdogs, an anti-government para-military group, not only get all these people (we see roughly a hundred of them in this issue alone) but the supplies to put every person in a stormtropper-ish suit of metal?  In previous issues Red Skull at least had the resources of a multinational corporation at his disposal.

Second, why did Bucky infiltrate this group?  He, boyfriend of the Black Widow, master infiltrator (he sneaked in and out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier during Marvel’s Civil War), thought he wouldn’t be caught?  Oh wait, in this issue even he suspects his cover’s been blown which makes all of his previous efforts: entirely pointless.  Why not have Sam, the falcon, infiltrate the group?  That would have been different, a first for this series and a better plan.  I guess that throw away line in 602 about racism was Brubaker’s explanation.

Really, Ed, what angers me most is that I know you can write better than this.


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