Cure for Hellatus – #14 Supernatural Magazine

Sometimes it seems like half of the issues of this magazine are 100 page specials…

Regulars – Pretty good this time as the creature feature is none other than… vampires!  With only one small mention of Twilight it’s a pretty good write up.  I’ll give the whole thing a +1 bonus for that: 4.

JJ Feature – Some neat information this month as we learn what Ackles drives and toward the end there is some talk on the possibility of season 6 (which I will do a post on later).  I must agree with Padalecki though: “I think Sam and Dean should go out fighting!”  There are very few endings to this season that wouldn’t make me loathe this show and that is one of them.  There’s not much else to say without spoiling the article so I’ll just say that it’s a 4 and you should read it if you like the show.


A Wing & a Prayer – A 7 page interview with Misha Collins that is really good.  His rants about twitter cracked me up.  He mentions that his best moment was being turned into an action figure in I Believe the Children… but that the crew wouldn’t let him take it.  Which really really sucks.  We fans must begin a petition to give Misha his action figure!  Give him the doll!  Give him the doll!  Give him… oh, yeah I’m going to give it a 5.

Hell’s Angel – A 6 page article on Jacob Mark Pellegrino, the actor playing Lucifer.  If you had any doubts about Satan’s existence, the puns filling this section are proof of evil.  It is pretty informative and interesting but the devil’s in the details, as such, marking this a 4.

Pit Boss – It’s nice to see Christopher Heyerdahl finally get some recognition, even if it’s only for 6 pages.  He played Alastair more than anyone else yet the SPN magazine still used Mark Rolston’s picture every time they referred to the big guy.  Wait… he was in New Moon?  Man, I can’t give his interview the highest rating now: 4.  Though one wonders what it was like to go from playing Alastair to dealing with real evil.

Supernatural Awards 2009 – I’ll probably do another analysis of this one.  Congrats to Kim Manners for winning best director 2 years running.  Of course best male guest star went to Misha Collins but it’s good to see the other fans have taste when Julie McNiven won best female guest star.  Yes, funniest moment was Dean & the cat from Yellow Fever.  Always great to see the magazine recording the fans so 5 stars.

Like Mother, Like Daughter – Alona Tal returns again for a 6 page article on her an Jo Harville.  Pretty good but nothing exceptional.  If you’re a big fan of Alona Tal, give the review a +1 modifier for it’s preview of her next projects.  Otherwise, I have to give it a 3.

Things that go Bump in the Night – I’m always a bit of a sucker for the technical aspects of Hollywood and, having made a few hack music videos in my time, this 7 page talk on sound was a treat.  I was disappointed they didn’t give an example of a rejected sound but all in all, I really liked the interview.  If the technical isn’t really your thing, give the score a -1.  As for me, solid 5.

Setting the Scene for the Apocalypse – Yay!  Another 7 page talk on technical goodies!  This time they go over making the scenes for the show.  This was again a treat as the set decorator, George Neuman, really gives us some great trivia and behind the scenes info.  Even a run down of his favorite work!  No modifiers this time.  This interview is a solid 5 regardless of your feelings.

Join the Hunt! – Wow!  A 6-page article on the Supernatural Role-playing game?  Why does that sound so familiar?  Ok, ok, all snarking aside I  am jealous of the interview Daniel Wallace got.  If you’ve been keeping watch, there’s probably not a lot in this interview you haven’t heard about the game already… but I am sucker for the preview.  They mention the SPN:RPG Adventures (which I have sitting next to me and will review soon) as well as two more than just made me drool.  Later this year we’ll get a Road Atlas (a location aid) and a Guide to the Hunted (monster book).  Man oh man I’m giddy just thinking about them.  Now if I can just find some people to play… (I’ll even be the *shudder* GM!)  Am I forgetting something?  Oh right, gotta give this a 5.

Heart of the Dragon: Exclusive Excerpt! – What’s this?  An excerpted first chapter of Keith R.A. DeCandido’s latest SPN book?  Yes!  Of course, I’ve already got my own copy of the book so I’ll just skip this one.  But Mr DeCandido’s already earned a lot of good will from me for his earlier works.  Read it if you’re wondering whether you want to pick up the book or not.

Heart of the Matter – What’s this?  A 3 page interview with DeCandido himself?  Can I suck up to a published author any more?  Yes I can.  A 5 for this interview.

This issue ran up enough good will that I rounded up the final score to a full shell. Casual and hardcore fans alike should definitely seek this issue out.


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