The FF-Team

My first blog (some artifacts of which survive here) was based around the idea that criticism was easy, actually creating or fixing something is hard.  After Captain America #602, I got to thinking… what would be a comic that might actually appeal to conservatives…


Two hundred and thirty-four years ago, an elite group of thinkers embarked on a grand experiment.  They eventually died.  However, their blood and sweat was bound into the foundations of their project and they would return when needed most.  Like now…

Roll Call

George Washington – Always ready with a plan, it’s his charisma and leadership that keeps the FF team together and forges their paths to victory.

Thomas “Faceman” Jefferson – Popular with the ladies, Tom has a silver tongue that gets him in almost anywhere, usually trouble.

Benjamin “Howling Mad” Franklin – Ben might be certifiably insane, but because of his great skill with machines, the team puts up with him… so far.

John “Bad Attitude” Hancock – The muscle of the group, John is always itching for a fight and woe to those who draw his ire.

Some scenes floating around in my noggin

[the FF team is watching a television]

Ben – Pardon me, but who is the negro there?

Civilian – Actually, um – sir, the word, negro, is considered rude.  And that, is Obama.  The president.

[the team gasps]

Tom – Well was he freed by his master or his ancestors?

Civilian – I don’t think either.  Slavery was abolished in this country over a century and half ago.

George – [laughing] We did it gents.  ‘The land of the free’… I love it when a dream comes together.


[the team meeting with President Obama]

Tom – [looking at the paintings on the wall] So much has changed in this house and yet… the weight is still the same.

John – A bit too garish for my taste.

Obama – Sirs, it is a great honor to meet you.

George – [shaking Obama’s hand] And it is our honor to meet today’s president.

Obama – Your arrival couldn’t be better timed.  I really need-

George – No.

Obama – What?

Tom – The people elected you.  Which means you must fulfill the duties we laid out for the office as you see fit.

George – We built this nation so men could find their own way, not ordered by others.  [the team starts to leave]  Obama, sir, do the best you can.  That’s all that can be asked of anyone.

Obama – But there’s so much disagreement and animosity in this country…

George – [laughs] It’s always been that way.  You should have seen the Philadelphia Convention.

Obama – I could use your advice.

George – Then seek it out.  [as the door is closing]  We left our words for that reason, Mr. President.


[the FF team is standing over a battlefield]

John – [walking over and grabbing a crawling opponent] Do we kill this one?

George – No, leave him alive.  [grabbing the man’s clothing, George draws him close]  We let him live so he can deliver a message to Bin Laden.  Tell him we’re coming., and he should turn himself in to the president, before we bring the fury of all Hell to his doorstep.



Now I just need an artist and publisher.  Co-writer could be useful too…


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