Episode Review – Swap Meat

Now that’s the Supernatural we all know and love, right down to the punny title..  In fact, I can’t hardly pick which was the best line of the night, and this was his funniest outing since Bad Day at Black Rock.

Since we didn’t have one last week, let’s go ahead and grab two great lines from tonight:

“You little satanic bastard.”
“Totally lied – kid’s life sucked ass.”

(no score adjustment)

First of all, I’m so grateful that the show makers actually did this time what I complained about last week: they tied MotW in with the overall myth arc. In fact, in a lot of ways this episode came off as the way the Curious Case… should have.

It even shifted in tone perfectly, from gut busting laughter to seriousness.  The show did bring up an interesting theory though: so if Gary had gone and said ‘yes’ to Satan, could they have then switched Sam back into his old body and leave Lucifer in the body of a high schooler?  The mental image is funny anyway.  Though now we also know that Dean has the option of jumping to another body and then letting Michael take his over.  I mean… yeah it would suck to lose your body, but with this episode Dean has lost yet another excuse for denying Michael.  Now, more than ever I wish they’d let those two meet and talk (and PLEASE let Bruce Campbell play Michael).  I’ll even write the script if they asked me to!

Also, it was nice to see Dean hint as his longing for a normal life instead of stating it outright.  That should please some people.  More and more the show is using the brothers to mirror their parents and their attitudes.  Hey, what’s coming on next week…


3 thoughts on “Episode Review – Swap Meat

  1. Yeah, it’s weird because JA is definitely capable as an actor of pulling off that kind of character nuance.

    (That’s one of the first things that pulled me in when I watched the pilot, actually. I didn’t think of it much at the time, but I definitely remember getting a strong sense of ‘OMG it’s the horror genre, at yet the characters are not ENTIRELY ONE DIMENSIONAL and the actors aren’t phoning it in.’)

    But then half the time they just don’t trust the viewers to make that jump, or the actors to pull it off.

    • In my opinion both Jared and Jensen are great actors that are a lot more deserving of stardom than some current A-listers. (I still wish it was Jared playing Hal Jordon for Green Lantern)

      To partially play devil’s advocate, you can understand them wanting to clarify what’s the madness/possession/mind-f*-of-the-week talking and what’s really going on in the brothers’ heads.

      It is funny how when the show is bad, it’s pretty bad, but when it’s good, it’s really good. One of the most powerful moments ever had to be when John climbs out of Hell to save them and not a word is said.

      • I agree with you totally here. I was actually writing a bit about the same thing earlier today on my LJ (I’ve been rewatching some earlier episodes)

        I think it’s the reason I get so critical of the show sometimes. It’s like it’ll hit the ball out of the park three times in a row, and then the next time it will not only not hit the ball, it will stand there and allow the ball to smack it in the face.

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