Cure for Haitus – #13 Supernatural Magazine

Only a week and a half to go until the rockin’ 5th season resumes.  How can we make it?  Oh the Supernatural magazine is doing a special villains issue.  Too bad they left the brothers on the cover, I would have liked to seen actual villains on the cover (and not just in little head shot boxes).

Regulars – A bit of talk about a possible sixth season.  Although I love this show, I would hate to see it go longer than it needs.  IMHO the only option after  Sam & Dean would be a show in the same universe with different characters.  The poster this issue is both brothers and Ruby.  Where’s Anna? =(  Nothing bad but nothing outstanding either.  A solid 3 to build upon.


J&J Feature -Big talk and lots of tantalizing hints for 8 pages here.  One of the most chilling lines of all?  “I think the only way for Sam to properly die would be for his brother to kill him.” -Jared.  Which I hope is a red herring because after all this… the guys deserve a happy ending.  Still, there’s more great stuff scattered around here that I don’t want to spoil so I’m going to give this a 5 and let you stew.

Lilith Incarnate – Katherine Boecher – I think Miss Lilith here has a first: the first interview I’ve read where the person had seen SPN before they joined the show (most everyone else, the show was their first exposure-then they became fans).  She’s also from… Texas?  Just like double J!  While I admit that I still find Katie Cassidy’s [brief] turn as Lilith the best, I’ll admit that Katherine did good too.  And for 4 pages, this is an interview worth a 4.

Top Ten Villains – 7 pages decided by vote that apparently labeled this issue the villain one.  I’m not going to spoil the list just to encourage you to buy the issue or at least go to a bookstore but I will say that the 10 are a good pick.  Only Satan doesn’t appear but then I don’t think he arrived in time for consideration.  Only one of the villains was a monster of the week but she was a good one.  I still think #2 should have been #1 but….  Each entry comes with a small bio, description of their worst act and what the fans said about them.  For a feature… I did like this.  A solid 5.

She-Devil – Rachel Miner -I have to admit a bit of sympathy for the cute gal playing Meg now.  Nikki was soooo good at it, almost everything Rachel does is going to be in her shadow.  Still, this 6 page interview gives me some assurance that she might be able to pull this off.  Not a bad article though there are some dud questions there are some good ones too.  Which means it averages out to around 3.  Still, part of me almost hopes she’s the last “evil” to be killed on the show, not Lucifer.

The Siren’s Call – Jim Parrack – If you’ve read my episode reviews, then you know that season 4’s episode Sex & Violence was not one of my favorites (I think it may have been my worst rated of that season).  So do I hold anything against the guy who played the MotW in that episode?  Nah.  This was an alright 5 page interview and I was rather surprised to learn that this guy was also from Texas.  What’s up with all of these Texans ending up in Canada?  Not spectacular but pretty good.  I’ll give it a 3.

Supernatural Visions – Ivan Hayden – Technical accounts of SPN’s special effects, the appeal of this 6 page article depends on your taste.  I am a big fan of the effects work but if it’s not your cup of tea, you might take off a point or two.  Still, I have to give this a 4.

All in all… this is really an issue for hardcore fans.  What it does well, it does really really well.  The rest is just mediocre.  Or if you haven’t gotten many issues of the magazine, this would be an ok one to round out your library.  Final tally:


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