Cure for Hiatus – #12 Supernatural magazine

A rockin’ 5th season has come and gone on break, leaving us with one of the more torturous cliffhangers ever. Still, as we wait for January 21st to come ’round, we can always rely upon the SPN magazine to get us through the break…

And this issue is a 100-page special!

Regulars – Looks like the ‘top 5’ is a permanent loss in the regulars family.  The rest of them were thin as well, like the magazine staff was running low on material.  Let’s put it at 2.


Blood Brothers – The J&J feature this issue reminds me why I respect these guys: they’re worried more about their jobs than attention and status.  8 pages of talking about what they do during time off, for vacations and… the loss of Kim Manners.  It’s fairly moving and interesting, a 5 star article.

Kim Manners – A Tribute – 6 pages of pictures and cast + crew memories.  It’s hard not to tear up a little read this.  A touching, great 5.

Hunger Pangs – Dameon Clarke – For those who forgot, Dameon Clarke played the Rugaru in the episode Metamorphosis.  The 5 page interview is a lot like the episode: ok.  Not great, not horrible just sort of… blah – 3.

The Kripkeeper – Eric Kripke – The show creator talking about directing the episode Lucifer Rising for 7 pages.  They talk about his efforts to homage Kim Manners and many other tidbits.  This interview’s pretty good as whenever Kripke’s in the hot seat, the interviewer really brings up some challenging questions.  I’ll have to give this a 5.

Far From Heaven – Kurt Fuller – Let’s face it, Zachariah is awesome in his own ways.  A dick, yes but Kurt Fuller really sells the role.  He also brings a great voice to this 7 page interview (he even talks about how he wants the character to die).  Pretty good, but I would have wanted to see this interview after the The End.  I’ll have to give this a 4.

Casting Spells – I know the casting director has an important job and all but…  There are some neat tidbits and behind-the-scenes information scattered through these 6 pages but not enough to really raise this article very high.  If you’re really interested in this sort of thing, you can add +1 to my score of 3.

Interview with the Vampire – Todd Stashwick – The shapeshifter from Monster Movie was a stand out of the 4th season and this 6 page interview was pretty good as well.  I’d like to see more of this guy’s work in the future so a solid 4.

Adam’s Family Values – Jake Abel – The show might not have jumped the shark, but I think the magazine did with that pun.  Nah-just kidding.  A decent interview spanning 7 pages… making this a 3.

Good Looks – 8 pages talking about hair and makeup.  Hair – and – makeup.  If you’re into that, give it a +2.  Sorry, I can’t give it more than a 2.

Cast Your Vote! – An invitation for fans to vote in the latest Supernatural awards.  Not really anything to talk about over these 6 pages as they just discuss categories.  I’m going to skip over this one (score N/A) and talk more on the awards later.

Taking Over the Asylum – I don’t go to many conventions, but I wish I did.  As it is, these 4 pages are a nice convention by proxy.  Heck, I didn’t even know those Brits across the pond did things like conventions.  Seems a little too much… “fun” for them. (just kidding Brits, love you guys)  The fan snapshots scattered through the article was also a nice touch, giving us a glimpse of other people a little too obsessed with this show. (too bad blog links weren’t listed)  Rock on brothers and sisters!  I’m giving each of you a 5.

Not a bad score. For 100 pages, this is a pretty good buy for hardcore and casual fans alike. Next week is the villain issue… (I also got the season 3 companion finally so expect to see that soon)

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